Coaching workshop at Go-Ride Conferences 2015

Coaching workshop at Go-Ride Conferences 2015

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Coaches attending the 2015 Go-Ride Conferences this February and March will have the opportunity to sample the new direction that British Cycling’s coach education team is taking.

The conferences take place across the country and are free for all coaches at Go-Ride Clubs if they are British Cycling members. This year’s coaching workshop at the conferences looks at how to replicate elite performance in a club environment.

For coaches at any level, it is always important to be analytical, to adopt a critical mind and to be constantly seeking ways to improve practice. During this workshop, coaches will have the opportunity to compare coaching practices and the habits of their riders with the latest principles of coaching cycle sport in Go-Ride Clubs. In addition to personal reflection, there will be lots of time for group work and an opportunity for regional networking and ideas sharing.

World Cup in a Club Environment

The first stages of the workshop will concentrate on the individual coach, with a number of activities designed to focus on replicating elite performance in club environment. Coaches will work in groups to identify aspects of elite performance in all the six cycling disciplines, before designing practices that develop the identified skills within their own coaching sessions.

Improving Rider Performance

To improve riders, coaches must first identify what they need to improve and then choose the appropriate strategy to facilitate this development. In this module, the workshop moves from the classroom to the playing field where in groups, a simple practical session will be delivered, with coaches exploring ways to identify and communicate potential improvements to performance.

Challenging Rider Performance

This module is about pushing riders outside of their comfort zone, so that they continually develop. Coaches will reflect on their own practice and discuss how coaching sessions can be adapted and what outcomes these adaptions would facilitate for the riders.

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To book your place, download the conference invitation and return the completed form to the Go-Ride team to secure your place, either by email or post.

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