Cycling to work answer to rail ticket rises says British Cycling

Cycling to work answer to rail ticket rises says British Cycling

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Cycling to work is the answer to beating annual rail season ticket increases British Cycling said today, highlighting the top money-saving stories from its 100,000-strong membership.

Rail fares will reportedly rise by an average of 2.2% from January 2015, pushing more commuters than ever into the £5,000-plus cost bracket for an annual season ticket.

According to the Campaign for Better Transport (CBT), many commuters will pay 20-25% more for their season tickets in January 2015 than in 2010.

In response, British Cycling has highlighted the stories of six of its members who used to take the train to work but are now fitter, healthier and richer as a result of cycling to work.

Between them, the six commuters saved a total of £10,000 per year by ditching the train in favour of the bike. Many of them have lost stones in weight and credit cycling with improvements to their health and wellbeing.

British Cycling’s campaigns manager, Martin Key, said:

"Not only is cycling to work much cheaper, it also often works out much quicker than taking the train – especially if it follows an indirect route. People who travel less than 10 miles to work should seriously consider cycling – not only will they be much fitter and healthier, they’ll also save hundreds of pounds in rail fares and even gym membership.

"Cycling is also great for making people feel good. Research has shown that cycling to work makes people less stressed and more productive. The trend for cycling to work is definitely on the increase – our membership has doubled to 100,000 in the last two years with 48% choosing to cycle to work."

Research by Passenger Focus has shown that only four in 10 passengers are currently happy with the value of their ticket.

British Cycling’s website is a one stop shop for people who want to get back on their bikes. Ideal for commuters, British Cycling’s Ride membership costs only £32 per year and includes liability insurance, legal advice, tips and retailer discounts.