Bill Owen honoured with British Cycling Gold Badge of Honour

Bill Owen honoured with British Cycling Gold Badge of Honour

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Bill Owen was honoured with British Cycling’s Gold Badge of Honour at the 2014 National Council this weekend for his many years of service to cycling in Great Britain. Nick Smith, Chair of Welsh Cycling, was also elected to the British Cycling’s Board of Directors for a three-year term.

Bill Owen served as Chairman and President of Welsh Cycling for over 20 years and was elected to the British Cycling Board in 2001, having also served on the British Cycling Professional Racing Committee and the British Cycling executive committee in the 90’s.

Bill was a founding member of both Abergavenny Cycling Clubs and began promoting grass roots and professional races in 1985. The GP of Wales is one of many events that are part of the Abergavenny Festival of Cycling, which Bill launched in 2007. He has also brought many prestigious cycling events to Wales, including a Women’s World Cup, international road races and the British Cycling National Championships.

“I am very pleased and honoured to receive the award from British Cycling, and that Wales has been recognised for the work it puts in to promoting and supporting cycling, from grass roots through to elite events. I am still passionate about the sport of cycling and will continue working to promote cycling to a wider audience.”

In 2013 Bill was awarded the Lifetime Contribution to Cycling in Wales at the USN Welsh Cycling Awards, and earlier this year awarded the Brian Cossavella Trophy for services to event organisation at the British Cycling Annual Awards Dinner.

Chair of Welsh Cycling, Nick Smith, was elected to the Board of British Cycling. Nick has been part of the Welsh Cycling Board of Directors since 2012, and is a respected member of the Welsh cycling community.

Following the governance changes at British Cycling, Nick along with George Gilbert and Colin Docker have been elected for three-year terms. Charles Jackson and Alasdair MacLennan were elected for two-year terms and Tony Barry and Richard Kennedy elected for one-year terms.

“I am honoured and delighted to have been elected for three years to the British Cycling Board of Directors by the British Cycling National Council. Bill has done a fantastic job on the British Cycling Board for many years and he will be a hard act to follow; he richly deserves the award of a British Cycling Gold Badge of Honour.

Being on the British Cycling Board will occasionally generate conflicts of interest with my role as Chair of Welsh Cycling. I have requested that British Cycling allow the Vice-Chair of Welsh Cycling to attend the Federation Commission so that Wales has a clear unambiguous voice. I look forward to working hard to improve the sport in both Great Britain and Wales.”

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