Luke Rowe answers your questions

Luke Rowe answers your questions

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We caught up with Team Sky’s Luke Rowe and posed your questions to the pro-cyclist as he trained at Wales National Velodrome this week.

Luke, along with team-mate Peter Kennaugh, will be competing at round two of the Revolution Series this weekend in Manchester, before another year begins with Team Sky on the road.

Who is the best bike rider in the world and why?
Chris Froome. Physically the results speak for themselves, but mentally he is an absolute machine, nothing cracks him.

Luke: It would have to be Paris-Roubaix! I have so much passion for this race.

What is the fastest you have gone on a descent?
118KMPH on a descent in Oman. Although it seems fast  at the time, you don’t even think about it.

Luke: For sure, 100%. We’ve won the Tour in two of the previous three years, so yes of course we can.

What is your tune on the Team Sky bus?
Luke: Mac Miller ‘Knock Knock’ hell of a beat!

Luke: It would be tough to beat Sa Calobra in Majorca. 

What has been the hardest moment in your cycling career?
Luke: Not finishing the Vuelta in 2013. I’m not sure why I took it so hard, but I did. I really beat myself up over it and it still annoys me to this day.

Canon Frome Cricket Club are doing a 1000 mile cycle over 2 weeks, what is the best training preparations?

Luke: You have to have consistency in training. There’s no point doing a long ride then having a day off. You are better doing two decent days and having no rest day.

Luke: My programme isn’t planned that far out yet, but obviously I would love to be there in Wales.

Why have you got a pink wrist band on your handle bars?
Luke: On my track bike? It’s for a charity and I wear them proudly.

Luke is taking part in Movember, raising money and awareness for men's health. You can donate here

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