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Once clubs have registered to the go-ride programme they can then start the journey to becoming clubmark accredited.

Clubmark is the universally acknowledged cross sport accreditation scheme for community sports clubs. It is based on criteria which must be supported by specific evidence. Based on four key areas of club development it centres around:

  • Activity/playing programmes - this includes, for example, coaching qualifications required, insurance and coach to participant ratios
  • Duty of care and welfare - appropriate risk assessments, health and safety policies, training, compliance and child protection policies
  • Knowing your club and its community - this ensures that your club is committed to fairness and equity in respect of the way in seeks to attract and retain members from your local community
  • Club management - which covers issues to do with club and committee structures and the general running of the organisation

The process can take anything from a  few hours to a few months. Many clubs have found the process easier than others as their committees have got behind the scheme & changed club policies to ensure they are compliant with the clubmark requirements.

A number of newly formed clubs have also used the templates to help them form the structure of the club ensuring all policies and procedures are in place for a happy, safe & successful club to flourish.

Clubs wishing to embark on the clubmark accreditation should firstly contact their development officer who can help along every step of the way.


Before downloading the Go-Ride Clubmark Accreditation Pack or any of the templates, you should contact your local development officer who will be able to assess the suitability of your club for the Go-Ride Programme and will offer you support and guidance in developing your club.

Go-Ride Clubmark Templates
The following templates are taken from the British Cycling Go-Ride Clubmark accreditation pack and are designed to make the accreditation process as straightforward as possible.

Duty of Care and Child Protection Templates:

Criteria_1 - Policies & Procedures.pdf

Criteria_2 - Club Welfare Officer Training.pdf

Criteria_3 - Club Officials.pdf

Criteria  4 - British Cycling Code of Conduct .pdf

Criteria_5 - First Aid Training.pdf

Criteria_6 - First Aid Equipment.pdf

Criteria_7 - Accident Data.pdf

Criteria_8 - Emergency Services.pdf

Criteria_9 - Club Membership Forms.pdf

Criteria_10 - Attendance Registers.pdf

Criteria_11 - Accident Report Forms.pdf

Criteria_12.- Emergency Procedures.pdf

Coaching and Competition Templates:

Criteria_13 - Coach Training.pd

Criteria_14 - Rider:Coach Ratio.pdf

Criteria_15 - Structured Coaching Programme.pdf

Criteria_16 - Regular Competitive Opportunities.pdf

Criteria_17 - Volunteer Agreement Forms.pdf

Criteria_18 - Volunteer Role Descriptions.pdf

Criteria_19 - Professional Indemnity Insurance for Coaches.pdf

Criteria_20 - Risk Assessments.pdf

Criteria_21 - Equipment Log.pdf

Sports Equity and Ethics Templates:

Criteria_22 - British Cycling's Equity Policy.pdf

Criteria_23 - Sport Equity Training.pdf

Criteria_24 - CASC Qualifying Constitution.pdf

Club Management Templates:

Criteria_25 - British Cycling Affiliation.pdf

Criteria_26 - Regular Communication With Participants.pdf

Criteria_27 - Membership Pricing Structure.pdf

Criteria_28 - School - Club Links.pdf

Criteria_29 - Sport Development Contacts.pdf

Criteria_30 - Club Development Plan.pdf


Appendix 1 - Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy

Appendix 2 - Role Descriptions.pdf

Appendix 3 - Sample Code of Conducts.pdf

Appendix 4 - Sample Club Membership Form.pdf

Appendix 5 - Sample Register of Attendance.pdf

Appendix 6 - Illness and Injury Report Form.pdf

Appendix 7 - Guidelines for Dealing With Accidents and Emergencies.pdf

Appendix 8 - Coaching Qualifications.pdf

Appendix 9 - Coaching Activities Template.pdf

Appendix 10 - Competitive Activities Template.pdf

Appendix 11 - Description of Cycling Competitions.pdf

Appendix 12 - Volunteer Agreement Form.pdf

Appendix 13 - Risk Assessment Form.pdf

Appendix 14 - Go-Ride Equipment Log.pdf

Appendix 15 - Bike and Equipment Safety Check.pdf

Appendix 16 - Model CASC Constitution.pdf

Appendix 17 - Essential CASC Clauses for an Existing Constitution.pdf

Appendix 18 - CASC Information.pdf

Appendix 19 - Sample Welcome Letter for New Members.pdf

Appendix 20 - Guide to Creating a Club Website.pdf

Appendix 21 - Sample Newsletter Template.pdf

Appendix 22 - Sample Poster Template.pdf

Appendix 23 - Guide to Creating a School - Club Link.pdf

Appendix 24 - School - Club Agreement Form.pdf

Appendix 25 - Club Development Plan Template.pdf

Appendix 26 - Sample Club Development Plan.pdf

Appendix 27 - Data ProtectioN Guidance Notes.pdf

To access the Clubmark Reaccreditation Criteria please click here.