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Rider Profile

Name: Gemma Neill


Hi, I’m Gemma Neill, currently living in the tranquil village of Inverkeilor (north of Dundee, east coast, middle of nowhere!). After years of building a fairly substantial list of careers and character building experiences throughout Scotland and Ireland I decided it might be a good idea to choose a career option I would really enjoy. My mother informed me the other day she couldn’t believe I have stuck University out (due to my lack of previous academic aspirations I guess) but after almost 4 years of studying I’m soon to be a qualified staff nurse.

My cycling career started after trying my hand at Triathlons in 2009 and finding out breast stroke is never going to be quick enough and I run like a baby elephant I thought it might be a good idea to focus on the fastest discipline and the one I enjoyed the most. I approached John Bremner in winter 2010 and asked if he would be my coach. He was happy to take up the challenge and this would be the start of my race preparation for 2011. Coming to the sport later in life means I have a lot to learn, this is something I really focus on. Every race is an opportunity to learn how to be a better bike racer and I love that. My ambition at the moment is to represent Scotland at the Commonwealth Games in 2014 I am a pretty determined and hard working character so I hope this attitude pays off.

Career Highlights:

17th July - Scottish Cycling Ladies Scratch Championships - 1st 2010

20th June Scottish Cycling Ladies Scratch Championships – 1st 2011

11th Sept - Autumn Track Meeting (National Women’s Omnium) – 1st 2011

25th Sept - Scottish Women’s and Vets Series (3 races overall) 1st 2011

22nd May - Women’s Scottish Cycling Road Race Championships – 2nd 2011

Who Inspires you and why:

Rather than one specific cyclist or athlete who inspires me I have a great deal of respect for anyone who has ambition to succeed in sport whether it’s at a professional level, amateur or leisure. John is an amazing coach and has taught me a great deal in a reasonably short period of time. He has given me so much support and guidance throughout the past couple of years. Knowing that someone believes in your goals is a great feeling and I feel really lucky to have such an understanding coach. I will admit that I only realised this recently but my parents are always right not to mention incredibly wise! They are such a strong couple coping with all that life throws at them and they are always looking for new challenges and adventure. They are fantastic role models and a great inspiration.

How do you celebrate/relax after a big event:

Easily pleased with this one, a steaming hot shower and some scrumptious food maybe a glass of red to wash it down!