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Rider Profile

Name: Gavin Shuttleworth 

Primary Club: Team ASL360


I got into cycling through my dad and my brother, we used to watch the tour de France together and after, my brother and I would go out on the bikes and race around, he would go out in his t-mobile jersey and pretend to be jan ullrich and id go out in my us postal jersey and pretend to be lance. From then on I was hooked, I started doing the local 10 mile tt, I loved trying to better my time every week and the sense of pride I would get if I did. I then did the ingilston series as a youth and from then on ive been fixed on the idea of being a pro and winning stages in the tour. The thing I love about cycling is the dedication it requires, I like having to make “sacrifices” etc and I like going out and suffering on the bike, there is nothing more rewarding than getting home from a cycle and having that fatigued, burning feeling in your legs! Outside of cycling Im really into my music etc however I get a severe ripping for my choice of music (people need to give Lionel Richie a chance…). At school im currently studying maths, French, physics and “engineering craft skills” or metal bashing as it’s more commonly called by the kids on the street. Next year I’m going to study mechanical and aerospace engineering at Strathclyde. I’m really looking forward to the forth coming year, my second as a junior. Im buzzing for the racing, the training and just having banter with the boys on the development program.

Career Highlights to date

10th – junior tour of wales stage one    

20th – cadence junior road race       

1st – swscp criterium

1st – Scottish youth tt champ 2011        

1st – Scottish youth road race champ 2011  

Who inspires you and why

I’m really inspired by Tom Boonen, he is by far the classiest bike rider there is in the peloton at the moment, some boy. David Millar too, Im really motivated by the way he’s racing clean now and showing that it is possible to win tour stages clean. If he can do it, we can do it. Other than that I’m inspired by Matt Green, who has made me believe that there is no such thing as “natural talent”, that its hard work and hard work alone that wins bike races and that’s something that really motivates me.