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Rider Profile

Name: Zak Loney

Primary Club: Ythan CC


I'm an up and coming 1st year Junior rider from way up north in windy Peterhead. I've always been into sport in some way or another from climbing, snowboarding, running, swimming, triathlon and then obviously cycling. I discovered I was good when I got beat in swim and run but then thrashed everyone on the bike during triathlons and just progressed form there. I've been road racing for two years now but only really had one season of serious racing. Even so my career has been quite succesful, winning many races last year. To top a great season I got to ride with Team Europe in the Thunderdrome. In between all the training and racing all over the country it's hard to find time for anything else living miles away from anything race related. I spend a lot of time travelling the length and breadth of the country in the trusty homemade campervan. I can honestly say I wouldn't have it any other way. My main goal is to be able reach a point in life where I can make a living from riding my bike because that's what I enjoy most.

Career Highlights to date

1st in the Scottish National Junior Madison with partner Fraser Martin

2nd in the Scottish National Youth A Pursuit

3rd in the Scottish National Team Time Trial

Overall Braveheart Youth Omnium Series Winner

Thunderdrome Youth Omnium Champion

16th British Inter-regional 500m TT

9th Tour of Scotland stage 3

15th Hetton Youth National Crit.

Who inspires you and why

I'm inspired by many people throughout the cycling world from the pro's who have given everything to be where they are, to my cycling peers who encourage a bit of competition that makes me push myself to the max in training. I'm also inspired by my family who are always ready to help me in anyway they can to help me achieve best.