Welsh Cycling AGM Saturday 8 December 2012

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The Welsh Cycling Union Annual General Meeting will take place on Saturday 8 December 2012 at 10.30am.

The venue is at The Holiday Inn, The Coldra, NP18 2YG.

An information pack is available below for clubs, including:

1. The agenda
2. Proxy forms and instructions
3. List of delegates
4. Minutes of the AGM 2011 (which took place on 28 January 2012)
5. Minutes of the EGM 28 January 2012
6. Minutes of General Meeting 29 September 2012
7. Signed accounts 2011/2012 (not available online)

All of the above are also being sent by email to your club’s Nominated Representatives.

The Annual Report will be posted on the website in the next few days, and hard copies will be posted to you in advance of the AGM.

Questions on the Minutes, Accounts and Annual Report
In order to ensure a productive AGM, your club is invited to raise any questions on the above and send them via email to info@welshcycling.co.uk by 1 December 2012. Responses to your questions will be provided at the meeting.

Proposed amendments to motions
Clubs are invited to propose amendments to the motions (referred to as ‘ordinary resolutions’ in Welsh Cycling’s Articles of Association). These must be received in writing by a person entitled to vote at the AGM not less than 7 days before the meeting i.e. 1 December 2012. Please note that the proposed amendment must not, in the reasonable opinion of the chair of the meeting, materially alter the scope of the resolution.

Nominations for Directors
Welsh Cycling has received three nominations for the five elected Director posts. The nominations are:

  • Nick Smith
  • Chris Landon
  • Liz Slater

The posts are uncontested so the nominated individuals will automatically assume their Director posts at the AGM. However, in accordance Welsh Cycling’s Articles, a vote is required to determine the duration of the term of each Director. The two Elected Directors with the highest and second highest amount of votes shall be elected for four years; the two Elected Directors with the third highest amount of votes shall be elected for three years. The Board of Directors is able to appoint further Directors in due course.

Nominated Representatives who are not able to attend the AGM are able to vote by proxy – see instructions enclosed.

Nominations for President
No nominations for the post of President have been received. We will seek the views of members at the AGM as to how this post should be filled.

What are the next steps and deadlines?

By 1 December 2012
Questions on the Minutes, Accounts and Annual Report.
Proposed amendments to motions.

By 10.30am Thursday 6 December 2012
Proxy forms to be received.