Rider Conduct: Road Racing

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Despite warnings in race briefings, the standard of riding and general conduct of some individuals in this year’s road races has given much cause for concern. The Competition and Event Safety Commission of Welsh Cycling has, therefore, instructed that all riders are respectfully reminded of the following:

  • British Cycling Technical Regulations apply at all events.
  • The safety of riders and the general public are paramount and, unless racing under full road closure, riders are required to comply with Traffic Law and Regulations and the Highway Code and obey instructions from Commissaires and Marshals.
  • Riding outside of your lane is discouraged in general and prohibited if this involves deliberately crossing unbroken single or double white lines or passing traffic calming bollards on the right-hand side.
  • Riding that endangers you, other participants within the race or members of the public will not be tolerated.
  • It is unlawful, and an offence against public decency, to urinate in public view, whether on foot or on your bicycle.
  • It is illegal to drop litter.
  • Failure to comply with any of the above regulations renders a rider liable to a fine or disqualification and/or a suspension of their Racing Licence.
  • Pre-race briefings are not optional; failure to attend will result in a rider being forbidden to start.
  • Any protest against a penalty should be made in writing to the Chief Commissaire immediately after the race; the decision of the Chief Commissaire is then final. Riders are not permitted to continue their protest once the Chief Commissaire has left the event HQ.

The future of road racing in Wales depends on the goodwill of the Police, the general public and race officials; please do not jeopardise this.

For and on behalf of Welsh Cycling

Michael Heaven

Events and Communications Officer