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31st May 2012

The terms and conditions of the legal support provided to members wishing to make a claim in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man have changed. The change will be effective from the next membership renewal date for members of British Cycling.

Details of the change

In cases brought in the UK, members are fully indemnified in relation to the cost of legal advice and assistance subject to certain exclusions and the terms of an indemnity provided  when a claim is registered.  Normally, in successful claims there will usually be no costs deducted from members’ compensation but because of different legal systems in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, British Cycling can no longer guarantee that there will be no deductions from compensation where claims are brought in these jurisdictions.
Usually when claims are successful, the member will recover all their legal costs from the other party.  However, for claims in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man this cannot be guaranteed.  In these cases, where there is a shortfall in the costs recovered, British Cycling will pay up to £5,000 towards that shortfall, which in many (but not all) cases will mean that there is no deduction or no significant deduction from a member’s compensation.  In unsuccessful cases, British Cycling will continue to cover all of a member’s costs.
This measure has been introduced to protect British Cycling from significant potential costs consequences in supporting substantial, successful claims in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man where we are unable to appoint lawyers under the same terms as in the UK due to the differing costs recovery conditions which operate in those jurisdictions.

If you have any queries about this or any other aspect of your membership, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

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