JIF Lungopener 2 / 18.03.12

JIF Lungopener 2 / 18.03.12

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- Sunday 18 March 2012

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The rain clouds lifted just in time for the 2nd round of the JIF Lungopener races at Llandow Motor Racing Circuit. The Cardiff promoted events were once again well supported regardless of it being mothers day.

U16 Boys

The Youth riders got the days proceedings underway with the first of their 3 races. Joe Holt (Tredz), Joe Wiltshire (Cwmcarn) and Nicholas Jones (TRCC) were the main protagonists in the under 16 boys with all three working well together in the various handicap style races to ensure they were always battling for the overall wins. Joe Holt managed to claim wins in all 3 races with Joe Wiltshire and Nicholas Jones claiming 2nd and 3rd.

Joe Wiltshire applies the pressure with Nicholas Jones and Joe Holt on his wheel

U16 / U14 Girls

In the U16 Girls Manon Lloyd (Towy) claimed 3 wins, almost beating everyone to the line in the final handicap event. U14 Girls Jess Roberts (Towy) and Sophie Williams (JIF) both looked strong throughout the day and they certainly made the boys work for their wins. Roberts claimed 3 wins on the day with Williams a very close 2nd.

U14 Boys

The JIF Boys of Rhys Britton, James Tillett and Sam Tillet battled throughout the day to hang on to the faster U16 boys. All 3 were not scared to have a go at attacking the race and it was Britton who made a brave final attack in the final race of the day in attempt to beat his older rivals. He did not succeed but all 3 riders put in massive efforts to hang in the races until the end. Britton claimed 3 wins at the end of the day and the Tillett's shared 2nd and 3rd place finishes.

U12 Boys

The 'determination of the day award' certainly has to go to little Owain Roberts (Towy) On Youth C gearing he did his very best to hang on to the older riders which helped to pull him to 3 race wins ahead of Joe Rees and Lance Hutchinson. 


David Beese (Forza) played the waiting game perfectly in the 3/4 race. Numerous attacks were made throughout the race, the most notable coming from Ian Jeremiah (JIF).

David Beese leads the field

Riders were quick to pull attacks back setting up the race for a bunch finish. Beese once again used his power and speed up the back straight to get him into the chicane first and secure the win. Ed Laverack (Tredz) and Gareth Holtman came home in 2nd and 3rd.


David Beese


Ed Laverack


Gareth Holtman


McGregor Barrie


Geraint Manley

2/3/4 Veterens

Gerry Bowditch was in an attacking mood in the vets race and it didnt take him long to move away from the field. Bowditch was joined the the strong David Hutchinson and the two worked well together to stay away from the rest of the field.

John Holt (Tredz) and Rupert and Nick Beale attempted to pull the two riders back but the gap was just too much with only a few laps left to go. Bowditch knew how important leading into the final series of corners was and he made sure he was leading out of the final conrner to secure the win.


Gerry Bowditch


David Hutchinson


Rupert Beale


John Holt


Tim Cummings


With a good mix of experience and youth taking to the line for the final race of the day it was and attack by Paralympic cyclist Russ White (Forza) that got the ball rolling. Soon joined by Junior Zach May and Ex Commonwealth Games rider Matt Beckett the 3 worked well to hold onto a lead of around 20 seconds.

Beckett, May and White

The bunch struggled to pull the three back and despite the best efforts of Team Tredz and Cwmcarn the breakaway still held on to a slender lead. Beckett dropped back to the main field and AJAX rider Jack Gibson powered accross to the breakaway to help pull the gap out again.

Going into the final lap and the three riders were gearing up for the all important attack for 1st place going into the final series of bends. Heading into the final series of corner Jack Gibson lead the way followed by white and May. Gibson held on for the win with May unable to make it around white before the line.

Another great day of racing and now it is onto Maindy starting 04/04/12 more>>>


Jack Gibson


Russ White


Zach May


Owen Beckett


Matt Beckett