Bikeability Tips Part 3: How to pass parked vehicles and navigate tricky side roads

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The Cycle Training Team at British Cycling deliver Bikeability sessions to ensure the necessary skills of safe riding are passed on to as many adults and children as possible.

With the roads getting busier and busier with cars and other cyclists, Bikeability training teaches the life-long skills of safe cycling, while encouraging a healthy lifestyle, boosting confidence and developing independence.

For the third article in our series of tips (see links to other two below) we explain the safest way to safely pass parked vehicles and navigate tricky side roads.

Passing a parked vehicle
1. When approaching a parked vehicle, check over your right shoulder for following vehicles, giving way if required before reaching the parked vehicle.
2. When safe to do so, move out smoothly into a position where the vehicle can be passed safely.
3. Leave a car door's width between you and the parked vehicle in case the door opens.
4. Look into the parked vehicle to check it's not about to move off or someone is about to exit the vehicle.
5. Once passed the vehicle check left and right and move smoothly back into your riding position when safe to do so.

Passing a side road
1. When approaching a side road check over your right shoulder for following vehicles. If is safe to do so, move out into the primary position.
2. When passing the side road, look into it to check for any vehicles that may be about to turn out.
3. Remain in the primary position when passing the side road, covering your brakes in case a vehicle pulls out.
4. Once passed the junction move back into your secondary riding position when it is safe to do so.

Bikeability is cycling proficiency for the 21st Century. The course has three levels, which teach adults and young people all the necessary skills to ride safely and confidently on modern roads.
If you would like to learn more about Bikeability and the courses we run, please contact Alternatively, you can call the Cycle Training Team on: 0161 274 2129

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