Test Event Tickets - Your chance to be there

Test Event Tickets - Your chance to be there

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Olympic Road Test Event Tickets - Your chance to be there

As part of the London Prepares Series of test events The London-Surrey Cycle Classic is a great chance to experience a world class road race on the streets of London and Surrey and get a taste what we can expect from the Olympic Games as the organising committee trial run their road race.

The race takes place on Sunday 14 August and British Cycling is giving its members exclusive access to tickets. Only a limited number are available and LOCOG is keen to ensure that genuine cycling fans have the best chance of securing them. With that in mind, British Cycling has been provided with a number of tickets for the spectator areas at Box Hill and The Mall.

Picture courtesy of Graham Watson

Wristband holders on The Mall will be able to watch the start and finish of the race, while others may get access to an area on Zig Zag Road in Box Hill to watch the technical loops which the riders will be completing twice. Access to both is restricted - Box Hill because it is a site of significant scientific importance and therefore must be protected, and The Mall to emulate the ticketing and seating arrangements at the Games. With that in mind, we expect them to be in high demand so don't delay - follow the instructions in this week's (14 July) Member News to be in with a shout.