Scotland Burness Paull head to final round of Revolution Series

Scotland Burness Paull head to final round of Revolution Series

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Seven riders from Scotland will be heading down to Manchester this weekend (Saturday 23rd January) for the final round of the Revolution Series as part of Scotland Burness Paull.

World Cup winner Mark Stewart will be donning a blue skinsuit alongside five-time Scottish Road Champion Evan Oliphant as part of the Scotland Burness Paull elite team and will be competing alongside riders such as Owain Doull and Chris Latham in the leading track series competition.

Neah Evans will be competing for Scotland Burness Paull in the women endurance events alongside Olympian Laura Trott and also Jasmin Glaesser who took home a silver medal from the track World Cup in Hong Kong this week.

In the Scotland Burness Paull youth team, rider Lewis Stewart maintains the leader’s jersey in the HOY Future Stars competition, and with only one round to go, will be defending his lead to win the series.

Lewis, 16, has proven to be a consistently strong rider this year and leading with 251 points, he is feeling confident:

“I have never led the table before and never ever thought I would. I am in my second year of the HOY Future Stars series and have really enjoyed it; you are racing alongside the pros so it makes you feel like a professional racer! It is good fun; I have got a pretty decent lead.”

The four riders from Scotland competing in the HOY Future Stars competition at the Revolution Series as part of Scotland Burness Paull have kept the team in 2nd place on the overall standing, ahead of Team Wiggins.

Gary Coltman, Scottish Cycling Head of Performance says:

“The Revolution series continues to provide some great opportunities for Scot’s to race at the highest level, and I am pleased that we have a strong Scotland Burness Paull team competing in the series. Our HOY Future Stars are also gaining some fantastic experience being part of it and racing alongside the elite.”

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