Midlothian Council, Scottish Cycling and IKEA team up to get kids on their bikes

Midlothian Council, Scottish Cycling and IKEA team up to get kids on their bikes


Midlothian Council and Scottish Cycling have joined forces with IKEA Edinburgh to host this year’s Midlothian Bike Festival, a grass roots cycling event for kids from Midlothian Primary Schools.

The event which is being organised and promoted by Midlothian Council’s Outdoor Learning Service will see over 250 kids from across Midlothian. 

Sean Fallon the organiser from Outdoor Learning explained:

“It’s the second year of the event and we have around 275 P6 and P7 kids from Midlothian Primary Schools signed up to participate. They get a taste of competition, racing over a 700m course and the chance to develop their cycle skills”.

The Midlothian Bike Festival is all about getting school kids into cycling and with this in mind, Scottish Cycling have brought in partners from cycle speedway and cycle trials to provide opportunities for youngsters to try out different cycling disciplines.

Scottish Cycling’s Regional Development Officer for East and Central Paul Zarb said:

“Cycling competition is about combining fitness with fun and this event is great introduction to that idea. We are delighted that IKEA Edinburgh want to work with ourselves and Midlothian Council to get as many kids involved in the sport as possible. Scottish Cycling work to develop a nation of cyclists and a huge part of this is providing opportunities for people to participate – the Midlothian Bike Festival is a perfect example."

To celebrate the launch of IKEA’s new range of bikes and cycling safety accessories and to promote bike safety in the Midlothian area, IKEA Edinburgh will be donating some bike safety gear to each participating child, as well as sponsoring the winners’ prizes for the event. In addition to this IKEA Edinburgh will also be hosting a Get On Your Bike workshop on Wednesday 28th June from 6-7pm to further promote cycling in the local area.

The Midlothian Bike Festival is part of a range of events aimed at promoting cycling in Scotland and Scottish Cycling are currently looking to recruit a coach in the area, in the hope of reaching even more young people in future.

The event will be held at Beeslack High School, Pencuik Tuesday 13th June 2017. More information can be found on the website  http://outdoorlearning.mgfl.net/for-schools/bike-festival-2017/