Coach Education Update

Coach Education Update


In 2016 Scottish Cycling with their partner British Cycling will be delivering a new and revised Coach Education programme. 

So what’s changed from the old programme?

Foundation Coaching Award (Level 1)

  • Is the start of the coaching pathway for all new coaches
  • Trains proper coaches capable of coaching independently, not an assistant coach award
  • The blended learning programme combines face to face and online elements
  • Face to face days are almost entirely practical
  • Interactive pre course work means coaches start the course with a good knowledge of coaching

Develop Your Coaching (Level 2)

  • More practical delivery
  • More focused on the demands on the sport and real world coaching
  • Designed to meet the need of Club Coaches
  • Assessment &  paperwork is more streamlined - reduced duplication
  • Theory work is electronic, no more paperwork, results are instant
  • More focus on progressing and challenging rider performance
  • Includes rollers and turbo

Level 2 Track Coaching Award

 Level 2 Road and Time Coaching Award

  • Double the practical time on course - an increase from 3 to 6 hours
  • Higher level content and not an introduction to the discipline
  • More focused more on the specific technical , tactical and physical demands of the discipline
  • Aspects of Level 3 are now included
  • Theory work is online

What do the changes mean, practically?

The coaching awards represent the sport and the world of cycling coaching better than before.  The courses are relevant for both adult and youth coaches.  Coaches will be better prepared to support riders at all levels of the pathway.   The Coaching Guidelines provide the the remit of the coaching awards which are now much less prohibitive than before.