The second edition of the best named cyclocross race on the calendar: Nether Mind the PolloCX took place on Sunday the 10th of January. The event included coaching for women, Youth races and finally a women’s race – this year with results split into senior and veteran women.

Over 30 women took part in the event, with the numbers made up of newbies to cyclocross, venturing into the muddy world for the first time, and it was also good to see quite a few of the mums of youth racers donning a number.

The coaching by the Glasgow Riderz coaches was a great success, with riders being taught the essential skills of cyclocross racing, before a short break to enjoy some hot soup and cakes from the tea stall!

With lively commentary from Richard Park, all day, despite the horrendous weather conditions, the racing was fast, exciting and an unexpected treat. Across the youth races, 120 riders put on a great show of racing – displaying exceptional cyclocross technique on the wet and muddy course, with the riders finishing head to toe in mud!

The women’s races were welcoming, and friendly, but also had a competitive edge as the morning’s coaching session was put into place. Every woman racer also received a Glasgow Riderz water bottle and a special Nether Mind the PolloCX buff. At the end of the day, the riders were buzzing from the race, and already looking ahead to the next event on the calendar to get more chances to cyclocross!

Many thanks to the organsiers and coaches from the Glasgow Riderz for putting on such a great day of racing.

Full results can be found here.

Images: Bryan Donnelly