Regional Date Fixing Meetings

Regional Date Fixing Meetings


Scottish Cycling have begun the process of datefixing for 2016 and over August each region is required to submit a draft calendar of events.  You should have received an email from our national events officer over the last few weeks outlining the key steps and information that is required.  

The dates of the meetings are as follows:

Scottish Cycling North:

Monday 24th August at 7pm in the Velocity Cafe, Inverness (IV2 3NF)

To register your attendance please click here.

Meeting Agenda

Draft 2016 Event Calendar

Scottish Cycling North East:


Scottish Cycling East and Central:

Tuesday 18th August at 7 pm in the Inch Park Community Centre, Edinburgh (EH16 5UD)

Thursday 20th August in The Birds and the Bees, Stirling (FK9 5PB)

Scottish Cycling West:

Tuesday 25th August at 7 pm in the Emirate Arena, Glasgow (G40 3HG)

Scottish Cycling South West:

Tuesday 25th August at 7 pm in the Dumfries Ice Bowl (DG2 9AN)

Tuesday 1st September at 7 pm in the North West Area Centre, Kilmarnock (KA3 1NQ)

If you have any questions about theses meeting please contact your Regional Development Officer - contact details can be found here.

Further information on the Date Fixing Process

With such a large number of events in the calendar it is vitally important that we all follow the date fixing process. For 2016 the following timeline will be in place for date fixing.

Throughout Scotland the Regional Development Groups will be holding Date Fixing Meetings and all clubs/organisers should attend or ensure they pass on details of proposed events to these meetings. At these regional meetings all proposed events dates from all clubs in the region will be reviewed to create a draft regional calendar. The Regional Development Officer or other representative from the group will then forward this draft calendar to Scottish Cycling. All the events dates will then be collated into a master calendar should any clashes of event dates be identified Scottish Cycling will contact the affect events to agree any changes required.

Online Event Management System

Once you have agreed these dates with the region you (or the proposed organiser from your club) must register your event by using the BC online event creation system.  This system is really easy to use and lots or organisers have been for a few years and are very positive about how user friendly it is.  

Event organisers are able to set up their event to accept online entries via the British Cycling online event calendar. Races or rides can be set up as ‘first-come-first-served’, where all entrants are accepted into the field as they enter, or as a ‘managed field’, where the organiser selects the best field from the applications received. 

However, in Scotland all road race fields are selected on merit (Technical Regulations 1.GENERAL 1.1 ‘the field shall be selected on merit taking account of any category or other restrictions published in the National Calendar’) – therefore for road races please select the ‘managed field’ button.

The event organiser can:

  • set entry open/close dates
  • set priority or discounted entry fees for British Cycling members
  • set filters to control who can enter the event
  • add offline entries to their list of riders
  • accept, reject or withdraw riders from their field
  • display a list of accepted entries on the British Cycling event calendar
  • communicate with riders via integrated mail
  • download sign on sheets

Key Benefits

  • No additional fees – the same cost as registering your event by paper
  • Low cost to riders entering events online – £1 per rider
  • No hidden charges
  • Create, register and manage your event online quickly and easily
  • Free event promotion on Britain’s biggest cycling calendar
  • Audience reach of over half a million page views per month
  • 100% online entry fees paid to your account weekly
  • Benefit from industry leading payment security
  • Get regular remittance advice
  • Show pre-entered riders on the British Cycling website
  • Upload postal entries to your event
  • Communicate with event entrants quickly and easily
  • Post new stories, photos and media
  • Free bronze membership for event organiser

Other Features

  • 100% online entry fees paid to your account weekly
  • Benefit from industry leading payment security
  • Get regular remittance advice
  • Show pre-entered riders on the British Cycling website
  • Upload postal entries to your event
  • Communicate with event entrants quickly and easily
  • Post new stories, photos and media
  • Free bronze membership for event organiser

New Event Organisers

Before you can register your event on the entry system you will need to be set up as an organiser. Please contact to be set up as an organiser.

Event organisers who wish to use British Cycling’s online entry system for their events will first need to register their bank details with British Cycling. Bank details can be registered securely via the ‘Event Organiser’ tab. British Cycling will require up to two working days to set up the account to receive online entries.

Further information available Event Organiser FAQ’s

Registering your Event

You register your event via the event organiser tab on your British Cycling Member dashboard on the website. Before you start registering your event make sure you have set up your bank account details for accepting payment and have all the information about your event to hand.

The event listing is the primary point for participants to find out about your event so make sure you include as much information as possible so they know how to get to your event, where to sign on, and what time they need to be there etc.  

Events registered before the 1st December will be charged the existing 2015 event registration fees.

Please note it is essential that at time of registration your club is affiliated to Scottish Cycling, the organiser is a member of SC/BC – contact the relevant National Events Officer if you are not affiliated to a club and wish to be considered as an individual promoter

We would encourage all organisers to have registered their events for 2016 by the end of 2015 at the latest.  This helps riders plan their season and helps Scottish Cycling for allocating resources to events.

Notes re Event Registration prices

  • Event Registration Fees must be paid on registration of the event with the Region, though this pre event payment may be staggered for League Registrations subject to prior agreement with BC HQ 
  • All rider levies are payable within 7 days of the event either by paying via the levies page on the event organiser pages or by paying SC direct (instructions will be sent to all organisers)
  • Event Registration Forms & Fees for Non-competitive Events should be sent direct to BC HQ
  • For Youth & Under 12 riders the rider levy is restricted to £1.50 only – Youth only for Cyclocross
  • For events restricted to Women, Junior or Master competitors, the National B rates apply
  • All events are covered by Scottish Cycling Technical Regulations
  • ‘Part Day’ Events are limited to a morning, afternoon or evening

Event Approval Process

When you submit your event onto the entry system it does need to go through the approval process before it is ‘live’ on the calendar. Firstly it is reviewed regional by the Scottish Cycling event staff, once approved regional it goes on to British Cycling’s events staff to be reviewed and approved by HQ. You will receive notification via your dashboard about the progress of your event. Once your event has been through this approval process it will appear on the calendar.

Events for 2016 will not be approved until all regions have submitted their draft calendars and the master calendar have been reviewed.

Time Trial Championships

Scottish Cycling have proposed that Time Trial Championship events and Major road events as far as possible are kept to the same weekends each year and have attached a draft schedule of National B events.  The proposed dates for Time Trial Championships are also included.

National Road Race and Criterium Championships and National level races

There will be a National Road Race Series of 6 or 7 events chosen from the National B races (this will include the National Road Race Championship).There is also an intention to have a Women’s series and where possible the Women’s race is to be held on the same day prior to a Men’s race – we realise that there may be practical challenge so other proposals will be considered.    Consideration will also be given to a Vets series or Vets and Women’s series combined or individual.

The Youth Series will also continue with additional support from Scottish Cycling’s partnership with ScottishPower. Organisers wishing their event to be one of these series events should email

National Championships

Any club wishing to promote a National Championship should complete the attached ‘Championship Expression of Interest Form’ and send to

Regional Race Series

Our Regional Development team are currently looking at more races at Regional level and are liaising with local clubs and Regional Development groups – if an organiser wishes to be part of this contact your Regional Development Officer.

Track Events

Any proposals for track events should be submitted in the same way.  We are currently working with existing track event promoters and British Cycling to compile a proposed track calendar schedule for Scotland – using the three venues available to us.  Enquiries from new potential promoters are more than welcome. 


Off Road Events

The attached draft calendar gives dates of the Scottish and British National Series XC and DH events planned in 2016 along with other planned MTB events. For clubs who wish to host rounds of MTB national series please contact the relevant association or


Cyclocross date fixing for the 2016/17 season will occur Jan 2016.

Event Fees

 This link to Event Fees shows  a table detailing the current Event Registration Fees announced at the Scottish Cycling AGM on 19th November 2012 – these will remain current until 1st December 2015 – if there are any changes after the 2015 AGM these will be announced as soon as possible on the Scottish Cycling Website.   Please note that both the HQ Registration Fee and Regional Registration Fee has to be submitted, for example the fee for registering a Regional C event is £10 + £12 = £22 in TOTAL. 

If you are unsure of which classification your event should be please contact

Results Reporting

The British Cycling rankings pages are the most targeted pages on the British Cycling Website. This reflects the value which riders place on these and makes it even more important to ensure that full results are supplied to as soon as possible after your event so that riders can be allocated the appropriate points quickly. The Online Event Management tool incorporates an upload facility for results. Start sheets and reports for the BC Website can also be sent via this address.

Useful Links

 Event Organiser Recourses







Cycle Speedway

Entry System FAQ’s

Organiser FAQ’s

Quick Guides

In Scotland we have some additional Organiser Support documents for obtaining police permission, confined events and levy payments, results reporting and doing your risk assessments – we will be updating these and re-sending at the start of 2016.


Technical Regulations 2015 – see SC website – hard copies available on request.

Road & Closed Circuit Event Registration Form - (Word)

Scottish Cycling Event Registration Guide (pdf)



Event Classifications

For 2016 the classifications of Road and Track events related to the categories of eligible rider will be as

National A              E/1/2 - points band 1 for a road race over 130km; band 2 if under 130km or for a circuit race.

National B              E/1/2/3 - points band 2 for a road race over 120km; band 3 if under 120km or for a circuit race.

Regional A             2/3/4 - points band 3 for a road race over 80km; band 4 if under 80km or for a circuit race.

Regional B             3/4 - points band 4 for a road race: maximum distance 90km; band 5 for a circuit race.

Regional C+           E/1/2/3/4 or 4th category only - points band 5.(handicapped races)

Regional C             E/1/2/3/4 or 4th category only - no points.  This includes Time Trials in Scotland.

Women                  Women only races will be open to all ability categories (E/1/2/3/4) unless specified otherwise.

Junior                     Junior only races will be open to all ability categories (1/2/3/4) unless specified otherwise.

Master                    Races restricted to Masters will be open to all ability categories (E/1/2/3/4) unless specified otherwise. Where such events are restricted to certain age bands then these should be stated –                             

e.g. Masters C+ for events restricted to over 40’s.

Youth                     A/B/C/D/E - specify to which youth categories your event is open.

Go Race                4th category/provisional licence holders/non-members. Also the generic format for specialist races                               

All regional events are automatically open to women. Only senior E/1/2 category women may ride National B events, unless the distance is less than 120km, in which case Junior 1/2 category women are also eligible.

Juniors may ride any events open to seniors of the same category except that juniors may not ride National A Road Races. First Year Juniors (i.e. born 1996 or after) may not ride in National Events of more than 120km.

For 2016 the classifications of MTB events related to the categories of eligible rider will be as

License Points are awarded as follows:

International A   Double points: Olympic Games, Senior World Championships, Junior World Championships

International B   Single points: World Cup and Senior Continental Championships; U23 World Championships (XC only);Junior Continental Championships. Master World Championships

National A         Double points: National Championships (other than U23 XC), U23 Continental Championships (XC             only), Masters Continental Championships,

National B         Single points: BC National Series; National U23 XC Championship; Other UCI classified events at          elite level

Regional A        Double points: Regional Championships

Single points: Designated Regional Series events; Sport race at National XC Championships;

Regional B        Other Regional level ranking events; Short Course DH events

Regional C        Eligible Short Course XC events

Cross Country notes

1:            Where separate races/starts are arranged, points are awarded to riders of both genders in each of the following categories: juvenile, youth, junior, senior - elite, senior - expert, senior - sport, master (30-39), veteran (40-49); grand veteran (50+).

Ranking points are not awarded for single speed category races.

2:            For National Senior Championships, National Under 23 Championships, and for Regional B & C events where senior riders are amalgamated into one race, only one set of points will be awarded. The ability categories will not be split out, but riders will receive points in their own ability category.

Downhill notes

1:            For the National Championships, Expert and Elite are combined as one category (Senior Championships), but will be split out for points so that the top 40 Elites and top 40 Experts all receive points. All senior category riders wishing to gain ranking points must race the Senior Non Championships race.

2:            The Downhill ranking season commences on January the 1st and ends on October the 30th of the current year.

There will be no ranking events in November and December, unless exceptional circumstances dictate otherwise.