#BikeAndBlether information for clubs

#BikeAndBlether information for clubs

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We are launching a pilot project that will aim to work with cyclists who would like to be a part of our new flagship #BikeAndBlether rides focussed on supporting peoples’ mental wellbeing.

We know that one in four people suffer from mental health issues, so it is important that we help to create welcoming spaces in our clubs and groups to support those impacted.

Mental Health is a cross-cutting issue, this project along with our network of clubs and groups can reach a significant number of people in Scotland. The project will help those with mental health concerns access the benefits of cycling and help enhance the image that cycling is for everyone.

In close collaboration with the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH), and through a series of information sessions, we will be developing the knowledge and understanding of #BikeAndBlether volunteers, to help break down barriers and reduce the stigma of having conversations about mental wellbeing. Alongside this, the newly launched SAMH Club Charter, will support clubs and groups in creating an environment that supports mental wellbeing.

Bike and Blether Aims

 The aims of the project:

  • Recruit 10 clubs to take steps to create positive mental health environments.
  • Recruit 1-2 Mental Wellbeing Champions from each of these clubs to attend mental wellbeing information sessions delivered by specialist trainers from SAMH.
  • Deliver #BikeAndBlether activity during Bike And Blether week to help raise awareness and reduce barriers to taking part in club and group activity.
  • Establish ongoing #BikeAndBlether rides in clubs that take part.

Who We’re Looking For

We are looking for clubs who:

  • Pledge to support the Scottish Cycling Bike and Blether Project and create a culture of inclusivity
  • Support their club Mental Wellbeing Champions in their activities
  • Promote and resource #BikeAndBlether activity as required
  • Play an active role in developing and sharing good practice about mental health support within the Scottish Cycling club/group network

We are looking for members within these clubs and groups to become Mental Wellbeing Champions, they will commit to:

  • Attend a series of short online Mental Wellbeing Champion sessions delivered by SAMH during Sept/Oct/Nov
  • Attend SC Bike And Blether project information sessions
  • Pledge to support Mental Health within the club/group environment
  • Focus on the benefits cycling can have on those who take part, whilst being aware of mental health and sign-post people as required
  • Plan and are happy to lead #BikeAndBlether activity at the club/group
  • Attend SC Mental Health Project debrief/learning sessions to help develop the programme

If you are interested making a real difference to your community through this project, then please complete this form, or get in touch with James Bracher with any questions. e: james.bracher@scottishcycling.org.uk. m. 07908672652


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