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As the 2017 season continues, Scottish Cycling is delighted to announce the beginning of the 2018 calendar compilation process and to welcome applications for 2018 Scottish National Championship and Series events. 

Scottish Cycling would like to extend thanks and appreciation to the Event Organisers and Clubs that promoted, or are still to promote, a Scottish Cycling event in 2017.  As the popularity of cycling continues to grow, participation in Scottish Cycling events continues to rise, thanks in no small part to the hard work of Event Organisers and Club volunteers.  If you are a new Event Organiser for 2018 – welcome on board!

2018 Calendar Compilation

It’s the time of year (already!) where the Events Team need Event Organisers and Clubs to think about the events they will be promoting next year!

All information on the process will be be communicated, to Club Secretaries, this week by your Regional Development Officer regarding the 2018 process and how you can be involved in compiling the calendar within your region.  An email will also go out to all registered Event Organisers from the Scottish Cycling Events Team at the end of this week.

You can also find a list of dates for your regional calendar meeting here (the locations and times will be confirmed by your RDO, in their email);


14th August 2017

North East

28th August 2017: 7.00pm, Lynch Centre (Dundee)

1st September 2017: 7.30pm Balwearie Centre (Kirkcaldy)

4thSeptember 2017: 7.00pm, Adventure Aberdeen (Kingswells)

East & Central

29th August 2017: 6.30pm, Forthbank Stadium (Stirling)

30th August 2017: 6.30pm, Holiday Inn Edinburgh Airport (Edinburgh)

31st August 2017: 6.30pm, Peel Centre (Peebles)


30th August 2017: 6.30pm, Emirates Arena & Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome (Glasgow)

South West

31st August 2017: 7pm, Hillview Leisure Centre, Kelloholm

NB: the calendar meetings in the West and South West will be led by the Scottish Cycling Events Team.

Please follow this link to find more detailed information and timelines for the 2018 calendar compilation process.

National Event Application & Selection

Each year Scottish Cycling invites applications to host National events, with successful applications being selected by the relevant Event Commission, made up of members from the Scottish Cycling community.  All Event Organisers and Clubs wishing to be considered as hosts for these flagship events are encouraged to apply.  All National events are a partnership between the Event Organiser and Scottish Cycling.

To apply to host a 2018 Scottish National Event, please follow the link at the bottom of the page, to complete and submit the application form.  You will find a full list of National events, open for application, below.

The deadline for applications is 1st September 2017.  Following the close of applications, the Scottish Cycling Event Commissions will select the Championship and Series promoters.  Scottish Cycling aims to inform Event Organisers and Clubs of their success or otherwise from the week beginning 16th October 2017.

In the event of a successful application, all National events must be registered by the beginning of December 2017, using the designated naming structure.  After which, all regional events are to be registered before Christmas.

All Scottish Cycling National Series’ consist of five events and Scottish Cycling aims to hold one round in each of Scottish Cycling’s regions in the future, with a standalone National Championship for each discipline.

Please follow this link for more detailed information and contact details for the 2018 National Event Application process.

Please follow this link to apply to host a 2018 National Event.

The following National events are open for application on the specified preferred dates (whilst these dates are preferred, they may be subject to change due to British level events or venue availability);

National Time Trial Championships

22-04-2018: Scottish National Olympic Time Trial Championship

06-05-2018: Scottish National 10 Mile Time Trial Championship

03-06-2018: Scottish National 25 Mile Time Trial Championship

08-07-2018: Scottish National 50 Mile Time Trial Championship

05-08-2018: Scottish National 100 Mile Time Trial Championship

18-08-2018: Scottish National Youth Time Trial Championship

03-09-2018: Scottish National Team Time Trial Championship

14-10-2018: Scottish National Hill Climb Championship

National Road Championships

19-08-2018: Scottish National Men’s & Women’s Road Race Championship

10-06-2018: Scottish National Men’s Veteran Road Race Championship

02-09-2018: Scottish National Junior Men’s Road Race Championship

29-09-2018: Scottish National Youth Road Race Championship

National Series Event: Scottish National Junior Women’s Road Race Championship

National Series Event: Scottish National Women’s Veteran Road Race Championship

National Criterium Championships

29-09-2018: National Criterium Championship

National Track Championships

22-24-06-2018: National Youth & Junior Track Championship

28-07-2018: National Senior Omnium Championship

09-11-11-2018: National Senior Track Championship

NB: Scottish Cycling encourages Event Organisers and Clubs to promote the National Track Championships, regardless of their region. If you have any questions about this, please contact a member of the Events Team.

National Road Series

All Scottish National Series will hold five rounds, with the aim to host one round in each Scottish Cycling region. The dates of these rounds are not fixed.

  • Alba Road Race Series
  • National Women’s Road Race Series
  • National Youth Road Race Series

National Off-Road Championship and Series Events

Clubs or organisers interesting in hosting/supporting a round of the national Downhill MTB and Cross Country MTB Series or Championships should contact and the Events Team will put you in touch with the relevant association.


Calendar compilation for the 2018/19 season will take place in January 2018


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