Track Racing In Scotland


Track Racing in Scotland

What is Track Racing?

Track Racing has grown in popularity following the success of the GB Team in the Olympics and World Championships. In this introduction to the sport, we look at how it works, and the various different kinds of races.

Track racing takes place on short specially built tracks consisting of two tight, banked corners joined by two short straights. Tracks range hugely in length - outdoor tracks usually being longer and with shallower bankings - but Olympic and World Championship Track racing is generally held on indoor 250m wooden tracks. Many outdoor tracks are concrete or tarmac surfaced.  Keep reading about Track racing here.

Get Into Track Racing

Track Racing beginners usually find their feet in local events, which are often run as weekly leagues. These give you the opportunity to take part in several races during an evening’s racing – most leagues  group riders according to ability. For more information about how to get into Track racing, read on >>>>

National Series Standings

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National Series Standings

Event Organiser Support

There are a range of forms and tools available to help you organise a successful Track event.  Click below for more information:

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