Road Racing In Scotland



Road Racing In Scotland

The open road, a smell of hot tarmac, an expectant crowd, the hum of tyres and the whirring of gears - this is road racing! One for the Road! Road Racing's territory is the open road. Events range from short Junior races of an hour or less, through one day classics of over 250km like Paris-Roubaix, to the Tour de France which hurtles round 3,500km of the flatlands and mountains of France for three weeks every summer. In the shorter races the first rider over the line is the winner, but in multi-stage Tours there are prizes for each stage winner, for the best sprinter in the race, the best climber (aka King of the Mountains), the leading team and, of course, the overall winner

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How To Get Into Road Racing

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Road Events Structure

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Road Series Standings & Rules

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National Escort Group

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Organiser Support

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