Cyclo-Cross in Scotland


Cyclocross in Scotland

What is Cyclocross?

Cyclocross is the traditional winter sport for cyclists but is done year round by many enthusiasts.

The sport is an ideal way to keep your fitness up and your weight down through the winter and an excellent introduction to cycle racing. To keep reading about Cyclocross, click here.

Get in to Cyclocross

Cyclo-Cross is one of the most accessible forms of cycle-sport.  Where else can virtual beginners find themselves racing against national champions?To find out how you can get into Cyclocross, click here.

The Scottish Cyclocross Association

Formed by racers early in 2007 in order to promote, strengthen and maintain the spirit of cyclocross racing in Scotland, the volunteers co-ordinate the series events and championships across Scotland. 

Promoting grass roots development and participation the series has grown in success and now regularly fields in the region of 50-100 competitors.  For more information, visit

Relevant Paperwork/Documents

This is a range of forms and documents available to assist cyclocross event organisers.  Click here to find out more.