Safeguarding Children in Scotland


Safeguarding Children

Protecting Young Cyclists

Taking part in sport helps children develop, and the positive environment created by sports organisations can encourage them to blossom. Cycling helps them stay fit and healthy, learn new skills, gain confidence, build resilience and self-esteem and maximise their potential. This is particularly important for young people who are disadvantaged.

Child protection is not just about protecting children from others who may try to harm them. A child may confide in a trusted coach or leader. So, we need to make sure that all those who are involved with children are suitable, and that adults know how to respond to any child who turns to them for help.

We have been working with Children 1st and sportscotland, to ensure that our child protection procedures and policies are exemplary. We are also one of several governing bodies and key agencies which have signed up to the '2006 Accord for the Protection of Children in Sport'.

The accord supports organisations to work towards good practice in protecting children and to fulfil responsibilities introduced as part of the 'reform' programme.

You can see our child protection policy, 'Creating a Safe Environment for Children in Cycling' here.  The policy covers good practice, poor practice, codes of conduct, recruitment, selection and training, responding to disclosure, suspicions and allegations and implementation and monitoring procedures.

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Safeguarding Children

Child protection training plays a vital role in club development and it is imperative welfare officers attend the 'Safeguarding & Protecting Children' workshop. This training gives participants an introduction to child protection, background information on relevant legislation, and the opportunity to discuss case-studies with others. A follow-up training, the so-called 'In Safe Hands' workshop is about providing further support to put child protection policies in practice. Together with Children 1st, Scottish Cycling is developing an action plan to comply with current legislation (The Accord for the Protection of Children in Scottish Sport).

Club Welfare Officers

All clubs are encouraged to recruit one or ideally two interested volunteers to take on this challenging but rewarding role. Training is available for these volunteers to help them be the local link in the chain that safeguards young people.

For more information about Child protection or Welfare Officer training please contact Scottish Cycling's Welfare Officer, or telephone 0141 554 6021.