Volunteering for Scottish Cycling


Volunteering for Scottish Cycling

sportscotland has developed a new online resource at with practical advice on how to manage and develop club activities. It contains everything you need to know about running a successful sports club, from guidance about how to attract and support members, to ideas for raising funds. It also provides simple template documents for many administrative functions, plus case studies showing how other clubs organise their affairs.

Volunteer Awards

Scottish Cycling recognise the unique contribution of all kinds of volunteers to the sport at the organisation's annual Awards Dinner. For more information please contact Scottish Cycling's at volunteers@scottishcycling.org.uk.

Commissaire, Race Official & Race Organiser Training

Scottish Cycling provides a growing range of Race Official and Race Organiser training.

Please click here  to download 2011 Expenses Claim Form. Please note that the current rate of mileage for volunteers is 30p per mile.

Volunteering Options

Scottish Cycling's clubs and events rely on volunteers. For details on volunteering opportunities in your area, please contact our Volunteer Support Officer.

Volunteer Training

Volunteers are the life-blood of cycling clubs. Without the ongoing support and dedication of key volunteers, grass roots cycling would simply die. Scottish Cycling recognise the critical contribution that volunteers make to cycling and aim to support this dedication by providing continual professional development opportunities for all volunteers and by supporting clubs in terms of volunteer recruitment and retention.

Training Opportunities

You may be interested in furthering your knowledge in order to help your club run effectively. Club welfare officers are strongly recommended to attend the 'Safeguarding & Protecting Children' workshop. sportscoach UK offers such a course organised by local authorities throughout Scotland. Other club development workshops are also available, i.e. 'In Safe Hands' and 'Equity in Sport'.

First Aid Training

As a volunteer you may be interested in becoming First Aid trained, and indeed for British Cycling coaches it is a necessity. We can recommend a number of organisations that offer first aid courses that are suitable for club volunteers to undertake:

First Aid Organisations

  • St John's Ambulance
  • British Red Cross
  • Or via your Local Authority

For more information on course providers and details, please contact volunteers@scottishcycling.org.uk

Commissaire Assessment Forms

The training of regional commissaires has changed in recent years with new courses being developed to meet level 2 National Occupational Standard for sports officials in the UK. Courses contain common mandatory modules in Safeguarding Children and vulnerable adults, Communication and Administration as well as the Technical and Competition modules specific to the discipline.

Following completion of the course candidates become Assistant Commissaires and then do a period of further learning and assessment at races. This process requires them to be mentored and assessed by a more experienced commissaire at events they may be working at. That may be you. If you are chief commissaire at an event with a Regional Assistant present we need you to complete his/her assessment form. We would like commissaires to help us in this task by making themselves familiar with the paperwork involved. This will prepare them for the time that they get an assistant to work with, and completion of the assessment form will not be a surprise to them on the day.

There are associated explanatory notes associated with the assessment form to aid completion. We encourage Chief commissaires to go through the form with the Assistant at the end of the event. In many events the assistant will not be directly at the side of the chief throughout the event so feedback from the assistant about their activities and how they dealt with particular situations is essential to the process. Relevant brief comments and evidence supporting the marking should be shown against each criterion. Note that not all criteria end up with a grading at any one event. At any event it is likely that the Assistant will have been exposed to only some of the measurements.

The success of this process relies heavily on your valued support. Queries may be directed to volunteers@scottishcycling.org.uk

There is a minimum of 6 events for road and track events and a minimum of 18 hours for off-road events for assistant commissaires to help out at before becoming a regional commissaire. Please click below to download the commisaire assessment forms & assessment criteria for each cycling discipline:

  • MTB commissaire assessment criteria form (Word)
  • MTB commissaire assessment form (Word)
  • Road commissaire assessment criteria form (Word)
  • Road commissaire assessment form (Word)
  • Track commissaire assessment criteria form (Word)
  • Track commissaire assessment form (Word)