Clubs must already meet certain criteria before joining the programme but along the way they continually work towards improving themselves and achieving 'best-practice'. Once all the pieces are in place, a club can become Go-Ride Clubmark Accredited.

Schools can easily set up Go-Ride School Clubs and do not need to work towards Go-Ride Clubmark Accreditation. Once a school has a qualified coach willing to offer regular coaching sessions, it is just a short step to establishing an affiliated Go-Ride School Club.

All British Cycling qualified coaches meet a lot of the criteria necessary to become Go-Ride Clubmark Accredited; they have attended a course on Safeguarding and Protecting Children, they have a valid first-aid certificate, and are checked by the Criminal Records Bureau. As such, a lot of clubs who aren't already working towards Go-Ride Clubmark Accreditation have the necessary training to do so.
Who is it for?

Clubs Go-Ride is designed for clubs determined to improve their club activities and management. One of the benefits, alongside better administration, is that Go-Ride helps clubs increase youth membership and acts as a beacon to show that clubs provide a supportive environment for young members.

Schools Go-Ride activities can be delivered in schools. A link is established between the school and a local Go-Ride club. This provides a sustainable exit route, allowing pupils to continue their cycling interests outside of school.

Riders Go-Ride coaching activities have been designed to introduce young people to a range of cycling disciplines, such as; BMX, Cycle Speedway, Cyclo-Cross, Mountain Biking, Road and Track Riding. So whatever your age or ability, there'll be something to suit your needs.

Volunteers Go-Ride clubs rely on the hard work of volunteers. These volunteers include; Coaches, Club Helpers, and Club Welfare Officers. Go-Ride clubs are offered training for volunteers to help build a supportive environment for young people, in which they can enjoy their cycling.

Families Go-Ride clubs have something to offer everyone. They offer opportunities to ride, regardless of your age and ability, and opportunities to volunteer. There's something for the whole family.

To find your nearest Go-Ride Club, click here for the British Cycling club finder



Go-Ride is an initiative that integrates club development and structured coaching activities for young people into a single programme. It can be delivered through clubs or schools. Below is an outline of the benefits your club will receive and what your club needs to do to become Go-Ride Clubmark Accredited.

Go-Ride is Scottish Cycling's Club Development Programme that incorporates Sport England's Clubmark Scheme. Clubmark is a cross-sport quality accreditation for clubs with junior sections. If your club registers as working towards Clubmark, the process will take a few months, but you will be supported every step of the way by a Regional Development Officer. You can find out more about Clubmark by going to www.clubmark.org.uk

What does your club gain from becoming Go-Ride Clubmark Accredited?

  • Publicity - club details on Scottish & British Cycling Website and help with event promotion
  • School Links - to encourage more youth and junior club members
  • Ongoing Support - from the Scottish Cycling team
  • Resources - including a Coaching Kitbag, Go-Ride Gears books 1-4
  • Training - for coaches, club officials and other volunteers
  • Free Silver Membership - for up to 7 nominated Club Officials
  • What does your club need to register?
  • Scottish Cycling Affiliation
  • A suitable area to run coaching sessions
  • At least one Qualified British Cycling Coach (Level 2)
  • A Club Secretary willing to have his/her details published
  • Club Welfare Officer (who must attend 'Safeguarding & Protecting Children')
  • What commitment does your club need to give?
  • Deliver regular coaching activities through a British Cycling qualified coach
  • Forge close links with local schools to encourage children
  • Willingness to working towards Go-Ride Clubmark Accreditation

What is the next step?

If you are interesting in becoming a Go-Ride club please contact Scottish Cycling for more information. Email: info@scottishcycling.org.uk



To get involved in Go-Ride and offer cycling coaching sessions at your school it is possible to register as a Go-Ride School Club.

All you need to take part in Go-Ride is a flat area (approximately 40m by 80m) on which the coaching activities can be delivered.

Linking with a Go-Ride club can benefit your school by:

  • Providing appropriate opportunities for further development and participation for those young people who may  be interested.
  • Helping in the running of your schools' out-of-hours programmes.
  • Bringing cycling to a wider range of young people.
  • Meeting aspects of 'Every Child Matters' and 'Healthy Schools' agendas.
  • Helping to arrange competition officials for major school events.
  • Optimising the provision of coaching expertise and leadership in cycling at school level.

Go-Ride School Clubs

Go-Ride School Clubs are all about getting more young people into cycling. These clubs provide high quality coaching activities, delivered in a traffic-free environment. Each School Club must have a British Cycling qualified Coach to run the coaching sessions. This can either be an external Level 2 British Cycling qualified Coach (e.g. from a local club), or a Qualified Teacher who has attended an Activity Coach Award for Teachers (ACAT) course. The sessions can be run as either an after-school club or during P.E. lessons as part of the curriculum.

As a Go-Ride School Club, you will be provided with Go-Ride Gears Workbooks, which outline various activities and skills tests relevant to the ability of the group in question. The Go-Ride Gears Workbooks go from Gears 1 to 7 with a continually progressive level of difficulty. Each Go-Ride Gears activity can be adjusted to make it easier or harder, depending on the ability of the children present. As such, your school will be able to choose from over one hundred different activities, ensuring that sessions never get boring or repetitive.

What is the next step?

If you are interested in becoming a Go-Ride School Club please contact Scottish Cycling for more information. Email: info@scottishcycling.org.uk


Club Development Matters

The development of a network of quality cycling clubs is crucial to encouraging young people to take up cycling in its many forms, whether as a sport, active living or active recreation. In order to help achieve this, Scottish Cycling has incorporated Sport England's Clubmark standard into the Go-Ride Accreditation programme. Clubmark is a nationally recognised set of standards that supports the development and recognition of quality junior clubs.

What is Clubmark?

Clubmark - Active, Accessible, Accredited

Sport England has worked with National Governing Bodies (NGBs), such as British Cycling, to develop standards to which all clubs should aspire. Sport England's Clubmark sets out criteria under each of the following headings:

  • Duty of Care and Child Protection focuses on raising awareness of good practice.
  • Coaching and Competition to improve coaching and competition for young people.
  • Sports Equity and Ethics ensures that the club adopts an inclusive and child-friendly approach.
  • Club Management ensures that the club runs efficiently and effectively.

How do Go-Ride and Clubmark work together?

In effect they are one and the same thing. Clubs who become part of the Go-Ride Programme are registering as working towards Go-Ride Clubmark Accreditation. Clubmark sets out minimum operating standards for quality clubs with junior sections. Go-Ride simply adapts those standards to be cycling specific. Gaining Go-Ride Clubmark accreditation will demonstrate that your club is committed to the aim of providing a safe, effective, child-friendly environment.

What Next?

If your club would like to work towards Go-Ride Clubmark Accreditation, please contact Scottish Cycling info@scottishcycling.org.uk who will go through the Go-Ride Clubmark Healthcheck with you to ensure your club is in a position to begin the Clubmark journey. You can find a Healthcheck in the Downloads section.

For more information please visit the Clubmark Website at www.clubmark.org.uk



As a parent, you will no doubt want to make sure that your child is safe whenever they undertake any type of activity without your supervision. Scottish Cycling's Go-Ride Clubmark Accreditation supports the development and recognition of quality junior clubs. As part of the programme, clubs must ensure they have a Club Welfare Officer, who has attended a Child Protection Course. Go-Ride sessions are delivered by British Cycling qualified coaches, who have also attended courses on Child Protection, Equity, and hold a current First Aid certificate.

Quality coaching in traffic free, controlled environments

Go-Ride clubs deliver coaching activities in traffic-free environments. Any type of bike can be used, so long as it is in good condition, and a cycling helmet must be worn. The sessions teach the necessary skills to make riders more competent, safer cyclists.

What will my child gain from this?

The Go-Ride programme of cycling activities promotes good health and includes fun activities that are easy to learn. As obesity levels in young people rise, cycling can be seen as a very enjoyable way of getting exercise and countering a sedentary lifestyle.

Will my child be safe?

All Go-Ride clubs have a commitment to ongoing training for their volunteers, coaches and officials, to have a sound structure, to be fair and equitable and to undertake training to support Scottish Cycling's Policies and Guidelines for child protection and best practice. All coaching sessions are risk assessed and clubs take relevant actions to reduce any possible risks. As such, clubs do everything in their power to provide a safe environment in which your child can cycle. Cycling, however, does have its risks and even the best riders still fall off occasionally.

What qualifications do British Cycling coaches have?

All coaches in Go-Ride clubs must be British Cycling qualified coaches. All British Cycling coaching awards include sports coach UK's 'Safeguarding and Protecting Children' workshop, which helps to ensure that Go-Ride clubs are safe and welcoming environments for young people of all backgrounds. Coaches are also encouraged to broaden their knowledge to suit their particular requirements, for example, attending the sports coach UK workshop 'How to Coach Disabled People in Sport'. British Cycling has a Coach Licensing Scheme that requires all qualified coaches to retain annual membership and hold a valid First Aid certificate.


In this section you will find all the Coaching and Club Development resources available for instant download. Whether you need parental consent forms for your coaching sessions, need advice on funding, or would like to find out more about Go-Ride Clubmark accreditation, you will find all of our resources here, in either Word or PDF format.

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