Competitors in Scotland are reminded of the future changes to the machine specification required for domestic competition.

Scottish Cycling has for many years used a different set of criteria for defining the dimensions of a bicycle for road, time trialling, cyclo cross and track racing. Riders who are unaware of the difference in specification can be caught unawares when they try to compete in events south of the border. Our very own legendary and innovative former World Champion and record holder Graeme Obree experienced, at the highest level, the frustrations of arriving at an international event only to be denied a start because machine or position was deemed to be illegal.

At its 2010 AGM Scottish Cycling decided that it is time to come into line with mainstream cycling on this matter. The rule change approved at that time is scheduled to come into force on 1st of January 2012 thus allowing some time for anyone whose machine does not currently comply with the standard, to make the necessary changes.

Full details, including explanatory description, of the current UCI specification is found at this link.

Competitors, particularly those who ride time trials, are encouraged to familiarise themselves with these specifications so that next season they will not find their machine or position outwith the required dimensions.