Scottish Cycling Club Track Time

Scottish Cycling Club Track Time

Published on:12th October 2012

Scottish Cycling has secured a weekly track booking every Sunday from 9 – 12am. This is a multipurpose booking but there is an order of booking. In the first instance the purpose of this booking is to allow clubs out with Glasgow and the central Scotland an opportunity to get time on the track. The rationale being that clubs situated a significant distance from the track would struggle to make a weekday bookings and therefore it is only fair if we give them this opportunity and first refusal of this track time. If and when these bookings are not used we will open it up to other clubs and or Youth development sessions.

To book time please contact If you are situated centrally and also wish to book time should it arise please forward me your club representatives email so I can get in touch. We will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible.

Please note that this booking is for the track time only and therefore you must have a coach or hire a coach to run the session. We can help with this if need be.