SWSCP Grass Track Series

SWSCP Grass Track Series

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Posted on: 25th May 2012

Article and Images by: Alan Denman

For 2012 we will again run the events on freewheel bikes. A mountain bike or cyclo cross bike will be best.

The races this year will be based on the Olympic style Omnium event with the overall result being an accumulation of finishing positions over five events.

These events are only open to riders from South West Scotland clubs.

Race 1 – Individual time trial.

Fastest rider gets 1 point, 2nd fastest 2points, 3rd fastest 3 points, etc, all the way down to the last finisher.

U8’s/10’s = 1 lap

U12’s = 2 laps

U14’s/16’s = 2 laps

Jun/Sen/Vet/Wom = 2 laps

Race 2 – Devil Take the Hindmost.

All riders start at the same time. Every other lap the last rider over the finish line gets eliminated from the race until there is only 3 riders left in the race, who then sprint for the win.

Points are based the same way, with 1 point to winner, increasing by one point down the finishing order.

Race 3 – Individual pursuit.

4 lap race of the track with 2 riders on the track at the same time, starting ½ a lap apart. Every rider continues to the finish to get a time, even if they are caught by the other rider.

The fastest 2 riders compete in a ride off for 1st and second place. The 3rd and 4th quickest riders compete in a ride off for 3rd and 4th places. The rest of the field are placed by the qualifying times initially posted.

Points are awarded in the same way

U8’s/10’s = 3 laps

U12’s = 4 laps

U14’s/16’s = 6 laps

Jun/Sen/Vet/Wom = 6 laps

Race 4 – Points Race.

All riders start together. Every 3 laps points are awarded for the first 3 riders over the line. Points are 5, 3, 1, with double points being awarded on the last lap.

If a rider manages to lap the field, 10 extra points will be awarded.

Points for the overall Omnium result will be awarded in the same way.

U8’s/10’s = 6 laps (points every 2 laps)

U12’s = 9 laps

U14’s/16’s = 12 laps

Jun/Sen/Vet/Wom = 15 laps

Race 5 – Scratch Race.

All riders start together. After a defined distance, first across the line wins.

Points for the overall Omnium result will be awarded in the same way.

U8’s/10’s = 3 laps

U12’s = 5 laps

U14’s/16’s = 7 laps

Jun/Sen/Vet/Wom = 8 laps

The overall result is based on the total points scored. So basically the rider with the fewest points wins.

SWSCP series points will be based on the overall Omnium result and points awarded on the same scale as the other events.

First race will start at 7pm so please be ready. Sign will be ready from 6pm and will be at the Annan Swimming pool.

Running order:

Event 1: U8/10 TT

Event 2: U12 TT

Event 3: U14/16 TT

Event 4: Jun/Sen/Vet/Wom TT

Event 5: U8/10 Devil Take the Hindmost

Event 6: U12 Devil Take the Hindmost

Event 7: U14/16 Devil Take the Hindmost

Event 8: Jun/Sen/Vet/Wom Devil Take the Hindmost

Event 9: U8/10 Pursuit

Event 10: U12 Pursuit

Event 11: U14/16 Pursuit

Event 12: Jun/Sen/Vet/Wom Pursuit

Event 13: U8/10 Points

Event 14: U12 Points

Event 15: U14/16 Points

Event 16: Jun/Sen/Vet/Wom Points

Event 17: U8/10 Scratch

Event 18: U12 Scratch

Event 19: U14/16 Scratch

Event 20: Jun/Sen/Vet/Wom Scratch

This timetable is only provisional and may have to change depending on numbers.