Applications invited for 2012 Scottish National Track Championships

Posted on: 18th February 2012

Applications are now being invited from potential promoters for Scottish Cycling - Track National Championships.

Applicants should complete the attached form and return it to Scottish Cycling, Caledonia House, South Gyle, Edinburgh, EH12 9DQ by 29th February 2012.

Applications will be considered by the Scottish Cycling Board of Directors.

It is anticipated that not all championship events will be held at the same venue at the same time therefore tenders will be accepted for individual competitions to be contested either as a standalone track meet or in conjunction with another event.

Download an application form here.

For more information contact Janette Hazlett 0131 317 9704

The Scottish Cycling recognised Track Championship are as listed under Technical Regulations in the LBB (page 97) – detailed below;

18.7 Track Championships

18.7.1 Each year the following Track Championships will be held in accordance with SCU National Hard Track Conditions and Regulations:

(a) Sprint

(b) Individual Pursuit 4 Km

(c) Team Sprint

(d) Kilometre Time Trial

(e) Scratch Race 20km

(f) Keirin

(g) Junior (Men) Sprint

(h) Junior (Men) Kilometre Time Trial

(i) Junior (Men) Pursuit 3000 metres

(j) Junior (Men) Scratch Race 20km

(k) Junior (Men) Keirin

(l) Junior (Men) Points Race

(m) Junior (Men) Madison (teams of 2)

(n) Womens Individual Pursuit 3000m

(o) Womens Scratch Race 10km

(p) Womens Time Trial 500 metres

(q) Womens Keirin

(r) Junior (Women) Sprint

(s) Junior (Women) 500m Time Trial

(t) Junior (Women) Keirin

(u) Junior (Women) 2000m Individual Pursuit

(v) Junior (Women) Points Race

(w) Junior (Women) Scratch Race

(x) Veterans Individual Pursuit 3km

(y) Youth A (Boys) Sprint

(z) Youth A (Boys) 500m Time Trial

(aa) Youth A (Boys) Ind. Pursuit 2km

(ab) Youth A (Boys) Scratch Race 10 to 12km

(ac) Youth A (Boys) Points Race 15km

(ad) Youth A (Boys) Madison race (teams of 2)

(ae) Youth A (Girls) Sprint

(af) Youth A (Girls) 500m Time Trial

(ag) Youth A (Girls) Ind. Pursuit 2km

(ah) Youth A (Girls) Points Race

(ai) Youth A (Girls) Scratch Race

(aj) Youth B (Boys) Omnium

(ak) Youth B Scratch Race 5 to 8 km

(al) Youth B (Girls) Omnium

(am) Youth C (Boys) Omnium

(an) Youth C (Girls) Omnium

18.7.2 The Board will allocate all or any of the above events for which a tender is not received by 30th September each year. (not applicable for 2012 events)

18.7.3 The National Hard Track Conditions and Regulations will be amended as necessary by the Board.

18.7.4 In addition the following Championships will be held provided a suitable tender is received:

• 800 Metres – Grass or Cinder.

• 5Km. – Grass or Cinder.

• 1500 Metres – Grass or Cinder.

18.7.5 Entries for Championships shall be sent to the event organiser who should forward the list of competitors to the Chief Executive not less than 7 days prior to the event.

18.7.6 S CU National Track Championships shall be under the jurisdiction of the Board. The Board may negotiate with approved promoters to stage any National Championship on agreed terms.