SXC Getting Organised for 2014

Posted on: 25th July 2013

Article by: Graeme McLean, Project Manager - Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland

The SXC committee and Scottish Cycling are committed to continue the success of the 2013 series into 2014 and create a great series to develop our riders.

The series has a 7% growth on last year and feedback has indicated that riders are enjoying the courses however we can always look to improve.

Following on from our successful ‘Looking Forward to 2014’ meeting we would like to take this opportunity to outline the ideas put forward at that meeting, from facebook and individual emails to create a ‘wishlist’ for the 2014 series.

We would then like clubs to give their ideas into how they can deliver their round to fit, as best as possible, to our ideas.

We also have a list of dates which we would like clubs to give an indication into what would suit them best.

For more information download the 'SXC Getting Organised for 2014' full document or email