Scottish Cycling COVID-19 Resource Hub

Scottish Cycling COVID-19 Resource Hub


As restrictions begin to ease as we move through the phases outlined in the Scottish Government routemap, the Scottish Cycling Club Development Team is here to support your club in adjusting to the ‘new normal’. Our Club Development Team continue to work remotely and you can contact them by emailing

We have updated this section of the website to provide a range of resources to help your club to prepare for, and ultimately return to club activities.

Understand the guidance

We work closely with sportscotland to ensure that our guidance is as clear as possible. We update this following updates from the Scottish Government and the last update was made on 12th March.

Before resuming any activity please read the guidance documents on the webpage below:

Up-to-date Guidance

We have also provided a range of supplementary documents to provide further guidance for Clubs on a number of areas, click the links below to read further.

Clubs and Activities

Coaching and Leading



Risk Management

All of our experiences of lockdown has been different. Some have been able to work from home, and have more time on the bike, while others have had to juggle childcare commitments while still trying to work and have had limited time on the bike as a result. Some people will be raring to get back to club sessions, while others will be more hesitant. Taking a person centred approach in planning for this return to activity is vital, and sportscotland have produced a good resource which can be found below.


You may decide after reading this to look at practical ways that you can reach out to your members. We have provided two examples below that could be used as tools to hear from your members about what their concerns are with a return to activity.



Getting club deliverers ready

As with your members, those that deliver activity within your club may also have concerns about returning and feel they require additional support. Check out this resource below which may assist in supporting clubs to enable Coaches/Leaders to confidently return to club activity.


Child Wellbeing and Protection considerations

As we move out of lockdown, supporting children and young people to reintegrate back into sport is an area that we know many have been thinking about.

Children 1st and sportscotland have produced the below resource which may be useful in supporting the planning of a return to activity within clubs. While it is already compulsory for clubs delivering activity for children and young people to have an appointed Wellbeing and Protection Officer, this may be a good time for clubs who don’t deliver to these groups to consider whether such a role could support their members. We have provided a role descriptor for a Wellbeing and Protection Officer and linked to further resources available on our website.




Briefing your club members

With a number of new measures being put in place to enable a safe return to club activity developing a briefing document or a video may be useful to aid members understanding of the measures in place. We have developed a template below which you can download and adapt for your needs.


Appoint a Covid-19 Coordinator

Clubs should appoint a Covid-19 Coordinator to be the identified contact with Scottish Cycling to receive information in relation to the impact of Covid-19 on clubs, and lead on the implementation of new measures as they are introduced.

This role must be in close contact with the Club Committee and where applicable, the Club Coaching team. The role can be added to the remit of an existing committee member (such as the Wellbeing and Protection Officer) or co-opted onto the committee temporarily for the duration that the role is required.




Covid-19 Behaviour Code 

We have developed this in conjunction with British Cycling which can be used by Event Organisers and Clubs to display to participants outlining the key points to remember as we return to activity. You can download it below.

Behaviour Code

Further considerations clubs should make before returning to activity can be found here

The role of a club in NHS Test & Protect

The document below outlines the role that a club will play in supporting the NHS Scotland Test & Protect programme. It is supplemented by a video which may be helpful in supporting club members to understand this.

Clubs must ensure an accurate register, including contact details, is kept for EVERY session.

Role of club in NHS Scotland Test & Protect PDF

Role of club in NHS Scotland Test & Protect VIDEO

NHS Scotland 'Protect Scotland' App

NHS Scotland has launched a free mobile app designed to help with contact tracing efforts and slow the spread of COVID-19.  The app will alert users if they have been in close contact with another app user who tests positive for coronavirus. 

Supported by a dedicated Protect Scotland website, the app is an extra tool complementing existing person-to-person contact tracing which remains the main component of NHS Scotland’s Test and Protect system.

Further information on the Protect Scotland app is available at

sportscotland & Harper Macleod guidance for clubs

Harper Macleod LLP are appointed by sportscotland to provide legal services to Sport Governing Bodies (SGBs) and to support SGBs in the regulation and governance of sport in Scotland.  As part of this service, sportscotland asked Harper Macleod LLP to provide guidance for clubs.

  • Sports clubs may be wondering how to deal with governance issues, including the requirements to convene meetings, during the current coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. This may also affect clubs which are due to convene general meetings. More information here

Risk Assessment

We have developed the below risk assessment document which can be used within your club as your prepare to return. There is two types of Risk Assessment, one for Coaching Activity and one for Group Rides.


Download here


Virtual Club Sessions

As we prepare for a return to the physical delivery of club activity, some clubs may decided to keep elements of their virtual delivery going as it has proven successful in engaging members. You can



  • If you are planning on including youth members on online platforms, your club need to ensure they are following the online safety guidelines that you would normally do for any contact and engagement with children/young people via social media. We would advise all clubs to ensure that you have appropriate social media policies in place.
  • We have produced the following guidance document here

Staying connected

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