Scottish Cycling Invite Applications for Women’s Road Race Advisory Group

Scottish Cycling Invite Applications for Women’s Road Race Advisory Group


Scottish Cycling are delighted to invite expressions of interest from the cycling community for a newly-formed Women’s Road Race Advisory Group. 


A new group has been formed to support the Scottish Cycling Events Team and to engage links between the cycling community of riders, officials, volunteers and Scottish Cycling. This volunteer advisory group will work closely with the events team, focussing on women’s road racing in Scotland, until March 2022.  


The Women’s Road Race Advisory Group will consider the practicalities of the new women’s road race classifications, which came into effect for the 2020 season (albeit this season was mostly written off due to Covid-19).  Previously, the ‘women only’ category (Band 3 points) of road racing was the only way to ensure that event organisers could put on sustainable events.  However, with the ever-growing numbers of female riders in Scotland, there is a case for implementing the new classification system.  It is believed that this will offer a clearer and more consistent picture of the racing opportunities on offer to women in Scotland.  Riders will be grouped in accordance with their racing category and will now have parity with men’s event classifications.  Women’s racing opportunities continue to develop and improve, and this working group will have the following main aims:

  • To discuss and decide on where women’s road races in Scotland will sit in line with the new road race classifications.
  • With the increased demand for women’s circuit racing and increased number of events on the calendar, the group will discuss and determine the steps towards gender parity at these events.

Any rider or volunteer with a passion for developing women’s road racing in Scotland, and inspiration to develop appropriate opportunities for women of all abilities to race is encouraged to complete an expression of interest form. You do not need to have experience of event development, but should bring an enthusiasm to share ideas, review solutions and develop women’s road racing in Scotland. 


Scottish Cycling are seeking representatives from across the cycling community, including event organisers, commissaires and officials, event volunteers and riders.  Key to the success of the group is ensuring a diverse range of roles and experiences within the membership. Meetings will be held primarily online, to support increased engagement from across Scotland. 


Complete the form and register your interest in joining the Women’s Road Race Advisory Group here.  All expressions of interest should be received by 9am on Monday 2nd August: Scottish Cycling Women's Road Race Advisory Group: Expression of Interest (