Play your part in  shaping the future of Cycling in Scotland for young people

Play your part in shaping the future of Cycling in Scotland for young people


The Scottish Cycling Young People’s Panel is a national group selected to represent the voice of young people, led by Scottish Cycling, the National Governing Body for Cycling in Scotland.

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The panel is an exciting and unique opportunity for a young person to have their say in shaping the future of the sport in Scotland and inspiring others to do the same.

Being  part of the panel will provide young people with opportunities to grow their skillset, get to meet new people and contribute towards the strategic objectives of Scottish Cycling – to lead, grow, partner and support across the country to develop a Nation of Cyclists.

We believe in the power of young people as leaders in sport – and can’t wait to hear about the impact that you want to make.

Vision of the Young People’s Panel

  • To provide a platform for young people to share their views and influence the future development of the sport within Scotland
  • To support young people to develop new life skills whilst providing them with experiences that will increase their confidence
  • To support young people to become leaders, and to motivate and inspire others to get in the sport of cycling

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Application Process

When do I apply?

Applications open on Saturday 9th March and close at midnight on Sunday 31st March.

What are the criteria for applicants?

You must reside in Scotland, and be aged between 14 and 23 at the date of application deadline Otherwise, all you need is a passion for cycling, a drive to make a difference, have your voice heard and be able to commit around two hours per week. 

How do I apply?

We understand that young people will all communicate their strengths in different ways and therefore we have a very flexible application process. We have an application form which is available on the website, this gives a guide as to what we want to hear about from your application, however we are happy for you to submit this either through the written application form or by a video!

What happens next?

Following the application deadline on Sunday 31st March, a team of Scottish Cycling staff will meet to review applications in the first week of April. 

If you are successful - you will be invited to a recruitment session which will involve a group task and a 1-1 interview. You will confirm which recruitment session you would like to attend at the time of application.

If you are unsuccessful - you will be provided with the opportunity to seek feedback on your application. 

The recruitment sessions will take place at the end of April, with the panel being appointed by mid-May. 

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Application Form Guidence Notes


Applications open on Saturday 9th March 2019 and close at midnight on Sunday 31st March 2019.