Scottish Cycling Coach Education Programme 2018

Scottish Cycling Coach Education Programme 2018


The 2018 Coach Education Programme is now live on our website.

Scottish Cycling has planned twenty seven coaching courses in 2018, our biggest calendar yet!

Coach Education is a corner stone of sports development and in partnership with British Cycling we are committed to delivering the best coach education programme possible. 

“Formal coaching qualifications are consistently rated the most useful source of learning by coaches. It is likely that qualifications provide the raw material that coaches mould to their own coaching through practice, discussion and reflection.”

                                                                                             Sports Coach UK Coaching Insights 2015/16

Over the last five years we have seen a significant rise in the number of qualified coaches per year.  In 2013 there were 199 qualified coaches in Scotland and we qualified 61 new coaches that year.  In 2016 we qualified 156; an increase of 155%! Currently, we have a database of 488 qualified coaches in Scotland and growing all the time.

We hope to maintain this growth in 2018 by expanding our reach and working closely with our Coaches, Clubs, Regions, Communities and Local Authorities.

Coach Education Manager

“We have listened to feedback and planned the calendar as early as possible this year to give as much notice as possible.  We have also planned courses for the whole of 2018 so that there is as much choice in terms of dates and locations that we can give.”

 We have put together a handy Coach Education Programme brochure that has all our courses in one place plus some useful information on coaching. You can download the document here.