Battle of the Braes: Alba Series Round #3 Preview

Battle of the Braes: Alba Series Round #3 Preview


This weekend it is not just Crit Under the Castle that riders will be flocking to Stirlingshire for. Stirling Bike Club’s Battle of the Braes will be taking place just the day before (17th June) near Callander.

The event, which is also Round 3 of the Scottish Cycling Alba Series this year, has developed from a category 2/3/4 race in 2010 to a National B E/1/2/3 with support races.

There will be a full field of 60 taking to start line this year, from current top teams and riders in Scotland to some further traveled English riders, including last year’s winner Andrew Feather from St Piran CC. Andrew who is traveling all the way from Devon is also the only Elite rider in the race.

The race is two circuits in and around the Callander area, with one big loop out to Aberfoyle then Ballat Toll, then in through the Stirlingshire villages of Buchlyvie and Arn Prior before heading back to join the small loop of rolling hills we call the Mini and Big Braes of Greenock.

Derek Ditty, Event Organiser said:

“It’s a pretty tough course with lots of good places to observe the race as it pretty lumpy which slows the faster guys down….just a bit. It’s a good test and the race is likely to be split from early on, so there won’t just be a big bunch whizzing past at high speed. Definitely a good one for spectators!”

You can find out more information on the event by clicking here.