Scottish Cycling and Time Trialling in Scotland

Scottish Cycling and Time Trialling in Scotland


With the season fast approaching Scottish Cycling are delighted to see many Time Trials registered on the calendar for 2016. However, we’re aware that some of our clubs and members still have questions around the current situation of Time Trialling in Scotland and what the Scottish Cycling position is around the new Cycling Time Trials (CTT) Scotland.

We hope the following FAQs help to clarify the Scottish Cycling stance and help to confirm our continued commitment to Time Trialling as one of our key disciplines in Scotland.

What is Scottish Cycling’s view of the new CTT Scotland?

Scottish Cycling is disappointed that a CTT Scotland has been established as we believe there are considerable benefits to keeping all disciplines in Scotland under one Governing Body umbrella. We believe that by keeping TT events registered with Scottish Cycling it allows greater consistency across the disciplines in terms of administration, organisation and quality control. It also supports an integrated calendar fixing process to help all of us avoid clashes where possible.

What is the situation with the agreement between CTT and Scottish Cycling and what are the implications for members wanting to ride in events south of the border?

We had hoped for dialogue and some sort of collaboration with CTT, however, despite numerous attempts it has not been forthcoming. We will continue to seek clarity but what we know is that CTT have exercised their right to terminate the long standing agreement between themselves and Scottish Cycling but have given no background or detail as to what they believe the implications now are for Scottish riders wanting to ride events in England and Wales or riders from South of the border entering events in Scotland.

Our current understanding is that by terminating the agreement:

  • Events under Scottish Cycling rules will no longer be eligible for the British Best All Rounder (BBAR).
  • CTT club members who do not have a British Cycling silver or gold membership will have to pay a surcharge when participating in Scottish Cycling registered TT events.

Scottish Cycling Levies are more expensive than CTT, why should we pay more?

We appreciate that the Scottish Cycling levy is more expensive for open events than CTT, however, we hope that when people understand the breakdown, as shown below, of where the Scottish Cycling levy money goes they will appreciate that its money well spent!!

Open Events:

  • Senior Rider TT Levy £3.95

–      £1.50 British Cycling  insurance fee

–      £0.49(20%) invested directly to the 5 Scottish Cycling regions for local cycle sport development.

–      £1.96 reinvested in to the development of cycling in Scotland through Scottish Cycling. Examples of where this money is spent includes: National Championships/Event equipment (such as radios, signage and timing equipment)/ Volunteer Workforce Training (including Commissaires, Timekeepers, Photo Finish operators and Event Organisers)/Scottish Cycling staff including RDO’s and National Event Officers.

  • Midweek league TT event levy £2.60

–      £1.50 British Cycling insurance fee

–      £0.22p (20%)invested directly to regions

–      £0.98p reinvested in to the development of cycling in Scotland through Scottish Cycling (as noted above)

  • Scottish Cycling Club Confined events:

–      No rider levy!

What does the British Cycling insurance fee cover?

For the protection of members and all those involved in the management of British Cycling registered and insured cycling events, British Cycling provides through its public liability insurance policy, an indemnity, limited to £10,000,000 for legal liabilities arising from claims made against an event organiser, official or participant that involves either bodily injury or property damage to a third party.

In the unlikely event that a claim is directed at a race official ‘as an individual', rather than as a representative of an event, then British Cycling also provides to that individual the benefit of ‘Directors & Officers Liability' insurance which provides indemnity against ‘wrongful acts' committed by ‘individuals' acting on behalf of an event held under the auspices of British Cycling.

Motor vehicle insurance is also available to members who organise road events or perform a key role as a designated road event official. This insurance cover forms an extension to British Cycling's motor fleet policy and has been arranged for the benefit of organisers and key officials that are unable to find cover for their activities under their own personal motor vehicle insurance. It is for members using their own vehicle and is for the duration of the event only.
Further details are available on the British Cycling website here:

Please clarify who sets the entry fee for an event?

Scottish Cycling/British Cycling do not control the overall entry fee for an event. Once the levy cost has been included, the remainder is set by the organiser to cover their own costs such as prizes, food, hall hire, etc.

The Scottish Cycling/British Cycling requirement for a Commissaire at a TT event can be a barrier to organising events.

We believe there are important benefits of having a trained official in charge of an event, providing valuable support to the event organiser. This is particularly true when there are questionable weather conditions to run an event, or if there is a rider complaint (e.g. illegal drafting in a TT) which requires good knowledge of UCI or Governing Body rules from a trained authority. If there is no trained Commissaire present then the quality and knowledge of the authority in charge on the day is variable if they are not certified or current in their technical knowledge.

Further to this, British Cycling/Scottish Cycling is in the process of delivering additional training courses, particularly with the development of a new TT specific training course. This will bolster the number of commissaries available and spread the commitment over a larger number on the register.

What else does Scottish Cycling do for Time Trialling in Scotland?

Annual Calendar Compilation

We work with organisers to coordinate the calendar of events across all disciplines each year to integrate National Championships, provide a balance of events and avoid clashes where possible. We have worked hard this year to ensure this process happens earlier to allow riders to plan their season in advance and will continue to work with organisers to improve the process further every year.

Work with event organisers to host the annual programme of National TT Championships

National Championships are well recognised in the cycling community as the inspirational level in which to achieve success. These need to be fully supported by Scottish Cycling to maintain these as Scotland’s flagship events. Scottish Cycling currently support clubs to host the 10/25/50/100 mile, Team, Olympic, Youth and Hill Climb Scottish Championships each year.

Course Risk Assessments

Scottish Cycling currently provides advice and a process to follow to support event organisers to complete a risk assessment of all courses, ensuring that there are no uncontrolled external factors that may affect the safety of the event and the insurance cover provided. In addition to this, as a commissaire is required on the day, he/she takes responsibility during the event for ensuring the event is run as per the risk assessment, in collaboration with the organiser.

Appointment and Training for TT Officials and Commissaires

Working with the Commissaire Commission, we appoint and pay for Commissaires for all National Championships and provide a programme of Commissaire and Timekeeper education courses for TT event officials, according to demand. Our Regional Development Officers are now also working with newly appointed Regional Commissaire Co-ordinators to support the appointment of commissaires for all regional events.

TT Course Recording

We currently support and administer a process of TT course measurement and registration.

Legislation Compliance

As the recognised body in Scotland we lead on the liaison and negotiation with Police Scotland and Scottish Government to ensure all our registered events comply with current legislation.

Event Management System

With British Cycling we provide an online event registration and entry system to support organisers with the pre and post event administration. We have received some good feedback recently as to how the system could be improved for all disciplines and we are currently working with British Cycling to try to make changes that will help organisers as much as possible.

National BAR table

We compile the National Best All Rounder Tables each season.

What next?

Scottish Cycling has invited members of the TT community in Scotland to a meeting in early March to discuss the best way to develop Time Trialling and to create a discipline specific plan, in accordance with our new Events Strategy. We look forward to positive discussions and plans being delivered for the benefit of all of our active TT members and clubs. We hope to have your support!