Scottish Cycling & Active Advantage coaching CPD series

Scottish Cycling & Active Advantage coaching CPD series


Scottish Cycling & Active Advantage coaching CPD series

“Maximise, Motivate and Master”

Coaching skills and how you coach are equally important as your technical coaching knowledge and what you coach.  This series of CPD workshops will teach you the skills to be a better and more effective coach.  The workshops are aimed at Club, Lead and Performance coaches.

The format of shorter workshops (90mins in this case) aims to engage and appeal to busy coaches. By coordinating the CPD and track league this will allow coaches to immediately utilise the skills learned in the workshops to therefore increase the impact of the CPD.

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21st Oct

Self-Reflection ,

Training need analysis and Personal Development Plans

Effective self-reflection is crucial to developing you’re coaching as is understanding what you need to improve and planning just how to do that.


18th Nov

The Coach Athlete Relationship

Better relationship = more effective coaching. Effective communication, Building rapport and body language and included.


2nd Dec

learning styles

How do your athletes learn? What are the learning styles and how to you identify them? The words we use affect the behaviour and response of our athletes. Eye accessing cues and questionnaires included.


13 Jan

Application of learning styles

How do you use the methods above within your coaching sessions?


3rd Feb

Mastering Questioning

Effective questioning and listening are some of the most important skills in coaching.  Drawing accurate and useful feedback from your riders is down to your questioning and listening skills.


24th Feb

Developing your Coaching Philosophy

A philosophy will help you frame and guide your coaching to make you more effective,  keeping the end goal in sight.


16th March

Enabling your athletes to excel through effective feedback

Feedback should be more about why something has happened or didn’t happen rather than just what happened this workshop will help you achieve that.


Time: 7.00-8.30pm

Location: NGB room 1, Emirates Arena, Glasgow

Cost: free for all qualified coaches

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