Ben Hetherington wins the Billy Warnock Memorial Road Race

Ben Hetherington wins the Billy Warnock Memorial Road Race


Posted: 04 August 2015

Written by: Snowdon Sports

Ben Hetherington led home a one-two for Achieve Northside Skinnergate in the Billy Warnock Memorial Road Race in Falkirk on Sunday.

It was a great team ride from Achieve with Jack Rees finishing second and two other members, Bradley Stokes and Tom Timothy, working hard to bring the team victory.

The initial break was pulled back but with a lap to go, Achieve upped the ante and managed to put Rees and Hetherington at the front of the race.

With 500 metres remaining, Hetherington attacked and managed to beat his team mate to the line.

Speaking after the race, Hetherington said: “I’m really happy with the result and how the team worked together. Bradley, Tom and Jack kept getting us in all the moves and had everything covered throughout.

“It was raining the whole race, quite a grim day but that doesn’t bother me, you just after to get on with it. It was a quick race, it’s a rolling course with a couple of drags, we were averaging at 27mph.

“It was just a really strong ride from the entire team and hopefully we can get a result at Wellbury next Sunday.”

Updated Alba Series Standings can be found here.

1. Ben Hetherington Achieve Northside Skinnergate Elite 2.30.56
2. Jack Rees Achieve Northside Skinnergate Elite at three seconds
3. Michael Nicolson Dooleys
4. Steven Lawley Neon Velo Cycling
5. David Griffiths Pro Vision
6. Jordan Doig Pedal Power
7. Craig Adams Leslie Bike
8. David Lines Velosure
9. Simon Woodliff Ayr Cycling
10. Wayne Barr Velocity44
11. Sean Stead Glasgow Nightingale
12. Paul Rennie Dooleys
13. John Gartland GJS
14. Andrew Matheson Mussleburgh
15. Jamie Kennedy Paisley Velo
16. Peter Murdoch Neon Velo
17. Ross Clark Glasgow Ivy
18. Zak Loney Team lfh
19. Finlay Young Team Moda Anon
20. Gary McCrae Leslie Bike
21. William Turner Falkirk
22. Hamish Clark Project 51
23. Gary Davidson East Kilbride
24. George Roberts Icarus
25. Franco Porco Leslie Bike
26. Scott Newman Glasgow Couriers
27. Gregg O Malley Glasgow Couriers
28. Neil Kemp Glasgow Nightingale
29. Bradley Stokes Achieve Northside
30. Scott Johnston
31. Craig Kidd Leslie Bike
32. Dominic Free Glasgow Road
33. Richard Provan Glasgow
34. Rober t Friel Pro Vision
35. Geoffrey Martin HD Revolutions
36. Grant Martin Spokes
37. Martin Lonie Team Thomson
38. Joseph Shaw Falkirk
39. Peter Wilson Veloclub
40. Kenneth Armstrong Ayr
41. Euan Pope Glasgow
42. Scott Mc Crossan Paisley Velo
43. Barry Crumlish Glasgow
44. Richard McGhee Glasgow Nightingale
45. Alastair McNicol Dooleys
46. Greig Brown Team Thomson
47. Phil Trodden Team Moda
48. Tim Blathwayt Velo Club
49. Alan Lamont Leslie Bike
50. Andrew Wilson Falkirk
51. Sanna Samuele Mussleburgh
52. Neil Scott Dundee
53. Jane Barr Velocity