Nether Mind The PolloCX


Following in the footsteps of the West Lothian Clarion event on the 26th of January, Glasgow Riderz is hosting a Cyclo Cross race on February 1st at Nether Pollock. There will be four races for U16s plus a women’s only race, which includes an optional women’s only coaching session.

If you've seen cyclocross racing and thought it looked as though it might be good fun but perhaps not known where to start, then this is for you! Come and get involved in a friendly, welcoming, female-led 'cross coaching session that'll get you on the right track for a race in the afternoon.

This grass roots cyclecross racing event is open for male and female youth categories, with the coaching and event open for junior, senior and veteran women.

Female entrants are also invited to a 90 minute women-only CX coaching session led by female coaches, included in the race entry fee, designed to complement the session in the West Lothian Clarion's event the week before.

The team of coaches at Glasgow Riderz have planned a course which will be challenging and exciting, while remaining accessible for beginner racers. With entries coming in from many first-time racers, the Riderz coaches promise a welcoming and friendly atmosphere at the event. The course follows a classic format, with grassy, off-camber corners and a testing climb which is likely to be a run up with the bike. Also featuring tight, twisty sections, utilising the natural features of Nether Pollock, there will be something for everyone.

Only online entry is available.  Click here to enter!