Frequently Asked Questions - development phase


Frequently Asked Questions - from the development phase

What is the RDO's role and responsibility in the new structure? 

The RDO will be central to the new structure and a facilitator of the meetings/Group

How does that impact on their work plan?

The RDO will require to give some time to working with the new Regional Group and their work programme will be shaped by the development plan for the Region.

Is their still need for e.g secrectary? Treasurer?

These positions are likely to be redundant, but the group may require to identify a point of contact and a mechanism to record meetings etc.

We need a starting point template for the committee structure and Terms Of Referance?

An outline Terms of Reference Document is available here and has also been circulated, it suggested 6 members of a committee elected by the clubs, up to 3 external members (eg local sports development staff), plus the RDO.

How will the levies be managed?

The online entry system has the capability of administering the levy process, SC finance and events teams will provide reports on the levies collected. Levies collected will be available to spend on activities for the Region.

There have been many governance questions raised e.g. centres folding. 

Current Centres as unincorporated bodies will require to decide on their future. The new Groups will be an integral part of the Scottish Cycling company.

What is the overall vision/outcomes

Our over all vision is alignment with the Scottish Cycling Vision and corporate Mission, with an overall outcome to deliver key aspects of the Startegic Plan.

What will happen to existing Cups, Trophies and championships?

This will need to be a decision of the existing Centre, they may wish to consider transfer of these to the new Region or to maintain the activity that the cup is awarded for if this is considered consistent with the aims of the Development Group.

Who is the chair of the new group, how are they going to be selected, how can the RDO ensure they share the same direction?

It is recommended that the Chair is elected from within the Group an outline paper on the role of the chair is available. The RDO will facilitate the meetings , the direction will be as specified within the Regional Development Plan which is aligned to SC Strategic and Business Plans.

How do we deal with 'sub-regions' making decisions on the overall region's spending -> how is the ringfencing being done? 

An overall plan for the Region should be compiled and agreed and specific projects within that delivered at more local  levels. Ringfencing is likely only to take place to deliver specific strategic objectives.

What cross-section of community to we ideally want involved?

We would like all clubs to be part of the club forums, and a small group of key activists to oversee/manage the overall programme for the Region as the elected committee.