2014 ScottishPower Youth Tour of Scotland Stage three round up

2014 ScottishPower Youth Tour of Scotland Stage three round up


Updated: 07 April 2014

On Monday 7th April, 40 Youth Girls and 74 Youth Boys took to the roads of Forteviot and the surrounding area to compete in the third stage of the ScottishPower Youth Tour of Scotland. For the third consecutive year the organisers, Scottish Cycling, have used this great course with its rural, picturesque village setting to challenge the young rider’s road racing skills.

First to the line were the Youth girls.  The race set off at a high pace, crossing the start line in a blur of colour and for several laps the bunch held together well on the 6.63km course. With two laps to go the race kicked into another gear and 9 leading riders made a break away from the main group. However, in spectacular style the chasing group, led by Edinburgh based rider Emma Borthwick (East Mid Scotland 1), managed to catch up to the peloton, in an attempt to close the gap and help East Mid Scotland 1 team mate Rhona Callander protect the Yellow Jersey.

After a fantastic sprint finish Ciara Doogan (Ireland Neenan Travel) crossed the line and managed to take her second win of the Tour just ahead of Madeleine Gammon (Team MSW Composite) and Callander following in third.

Going into the fourth and final stage of the Tour, Callander holds on to her Yellow jersey with a healthy margin of 36 seconds whilst Team MSW Composite reclaimed the leading Team jerseys with a 20 second lead ahead of East Mid Scotland 1.

Next over the line were the Youth boys. With a strong field the race was all go from the start;  Bailey Payne (Cycle Sport Pendle) and Joseph Armstrong (Fred Whitton RT) crashed in the first lap, Marton Race Team rider Hugo Story snapped his chain, however shortly joined the race again, while the rest of the riders held together well in one main group.

Going into the fourth lap there was a clear leading group forming, which contained 43 riders, were a full minute and a half ahead of the rest and started to lap the field. On the undulating course the Tomos Owen (TEAM HT3) and David Barnes (Sports Traider RT) started to make a break for the lead.

Lap five saw the weather start to close in and the rain pour down, making racing conditions very wet and slippery; however this didn’t slow down the peloton, averaging a speed of 43km an hour. Tom Chandler (Velocity WD-40) had a 26 second lead with 2 laps to go however going into the final lap increased this gap to an impressive 39 seconds.

After leading in the final 2 laps of the race Chandler crossed the line with a time of 1.36.04 followed by Joseph Nally (Mid East Scotland) and Jake Gray (FBD Ireland).

Sebastian Dickens (Sports Traider RT) retains the Yellow Jersey going into the final stage with a 6 second lead and Velocity WD-40 will be wearing the Red Jerseys as the leading Team.

We would like to thank the residents in the local area for their help and support on and before race day. We would also like to thank the PTA for providing refreshments to our spectators.


  1. Ciara Doogan                    1:03:20
  2. Madeleine Gammon          st
  3. Rhona Callander               st
  4. Lucy Lee                            st
  5. Sarah Bradford                  st


  1. Tom Chandler                    1:36:04
  2. Joseph Nally                      at 0:15
  3. Jake Gray                          st
  4. Thomas Pidcock               st
  5. Dion McCarthy                  st

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