Scottish Cycling AGM - Propositions & Nominations


Published: 12 September 2013

Scottish Cycling AGM Hub

Proposal and Nominations process in place for the 2013 Scottish Cycling AGM.

At Scottish Cycling, the process is in place for the 2014 AGM on the 16th of November, at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow. Currently, the propositions for the agenda and nominations are being taken. As per the requirements of the AGM, these must reach Scottish Cycling by the specified dates in order to be considered. Below you will find the important information required for the submission of both proposals for the agenda and nominations for the Board positions.

1.         Propositions for Agenda

            Propositions for inclusion on the agenda must reach Scottish Cycling headquarters by 21 September 2013. Propositions involving changes in the Memorandum, the Articles of Association and Bye-Laws must conform to Standing Orders.  All propositions submitted must have been approved by the Club/Association and be signed by two officials.  A Proposition Form can be downloaded here.

           Club/Association officials are requested to ensure that any motions that are submitted have been thoroughly investigated to ensure that they are practical. Space will be made on the agenda for a brief explanation of the purpose of the motion. 

            The meeting will be conducted in accordance with the Articles and By-Laws of the Company.

2.         Nominations

In accordance with Article 10, there are 4 Board positions, including the President, available for election or re-election. Nominations for these positions should be submitted by the 19th October 2013.

Nominations for the election of members of Appeals Panel must reach the above address by 19October 2013.  A nomination form can be downloaded here.

In order to avoid difficulties that have occurred in the past, you are urged not to make nominations unless you have previously ascertained that the nominees are willing to stand for election.  This particularly applies where clubs wish to nominate members belonging to Clubs/Associations other than their own.