Scott McCrossan wins Arthur Campbell Memorial Race

Scott McCrossan wins Arthur Campbell Memorial Race


Posted: 9th July 2013

Event: Arthur Campbell Memorial Race Report 

Winner of the Arthur Campbell Memorial Race, Scott McCrossan, gives us a run down of the race:

"Lap 1 - after neutralised section a few digs went off the front as is accustomed to the "old" scottish races / memorial trophies. Race pretty much in tact apart from Gary Hand and Euan Pope going clear over the farm road climb (as I call it). Once onto the 77 Peter Murdoch attacked with Callum Wilkinson and Craig Adams stretching the bunch into the partial cross wind. I then jumped across the gap to the 3 of them who eased up a tad to let me get on. The 4 of us got up to Gary and Euan forming a group of six. Then after around a mile later Ben Greenwood, Davie Lines, Steven Lawley, Andrew Whitehall and Alex Couts joined us to form a break of 11. We all worked well together riding through and off etc but the gap remained steady for a lap or two then eventually it went out enough for the lead car to go behind the break."

"With 2 laps to go a split occurred with myself Hand, Greenwood, Lines, Whitehall, Couts, Murdoch and Lawley. Again the 8 of us worked well to put an advantage into the riders behind us. The final lap up the farm road Hand attacked past the white house and I went with him with Murdoch joining us as well as Greenwood. Again as before we worked well on the fast section along the A77. The attacks started to occur as usual but we stayed together. Once we turned left no one wanted to work as the finish was approaching. To be honest I don't really know how I got away but I just kept riding when everyone slowed down and rode hard tempo on the drags and saved the efforts for the steep bits on the way to the finish and took the win which I was pleased about considering Murdoch won last year, Hand is the current Scottish RR champ and Ben is one of the top domestic riders in Britain: collectively a very strong group of riders capable of winning."

Scott McCrossan recieving his trophy