Safe Recruitment

Safe Recruitment


Updated on: 28 January 2015


Safe Recruitment

The vast majority of coaches, officials/helpers are committed, dedicated people who are motivated to work within the sport for commendable reasons. However it is important that all reasonable steps are taken to ensure that unsuitable people or people with an inappropriate motivation are prevented from working with children.


Standard Self Declaration Form - to be completed by ALL those coming in to the club to work with children, young people and vulnerable adults, i.e coaches, helpers, chaperones, officials

Safe Recruitment Guidelines - Recruitment guidelines and forms for clubs to use and follow in the recruitment of coaches, volunteers, officials, helpers

PVG – What Does It Mean and How Will It Affect Clubs

PVG is now with us and Scottish Cycling has put together a package of information for clubs. Included are the following documents:

Update Jan 2015

Update Jan 2015

Update Jan 2014

Update Sept 2014

Update Dec 2015

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