National Schools of Racing

National Schools of Racing


Published: 22/02/2013

Article: British Cycling, National Schools of Racing

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With spring rapidly approaching and the road racing season underway British Cycling’s talent development coaches are putting on a National School of Racing at East Fortune on 29th March to help riders prepare for high quality racing like the Youth Tour of Scotland!

The session will again be road-specific but to make sure we can cope and cater for the ever increasing number that want and require this kind of session, we are going to run one in Scotland!

With NSRs we aim to give younger riders the opportunity to have a taste of the discipline, skill, speed and endurance levels which will be required of them in the future. For this reason, we also include first year under 14 riders.

This is a Talent Program session and the Talent programme in its two tier form is in place to cater for riders only with the birth years listed below who honestly meet all the criteria.

  • Born in 1997, 1998, 1999 or 2000.  For the girls' sessions we want to accommodate riders in the junior category so any female who is a junior rider in 2013 is also very welcome.
  • Regularly racing at a regional and/or national level.
  • Have evidence of participation in Go-Ride club or holiday scheme or BC or British Triathlon GROUP coaching sessions.

The reason for the criteria above is that on many occasions, we have had a numerous riders attending sessions who are complete novices. Dropping such riders into sessions as technically testing as this, at the speeds we run the sessions at, has caused safety issues for those riders as well as other riders around them. It is also often a very negative and potentially off-putting experience for young riders who are just starting to get involved in the sport. Our main objective is to create a real and fun learning experience which does not de-motivate or injure our young cyclists.

If you feel this rules you out of the NSR, we advocate that you should look to take part in some local club activity or Go-Ride Racing and holiday club sessions. From this you should then aim to move on to some lower-level regional racing. Together with our Go-Ride colleagues, we can steer you in the right direction.

N.B. For this event you will need road bikes only (no tri-bars please).


Please note that we can accommodate a maximum of three groups of 40 riders (Girls, Youth A Boys and Youth B boys) on each session and the closing date for the sessions is 12th of March 2013.


It is also our other objective is to offer coaching CPD.  If you are a qualified coach, importantly working with a Go-Ride club and wish to shadow or assist us on the day, there are a number of logistical roles we need help with.

If you are interested then please contact Mark Young by email at by the 12th if March. We will then aim to give a role for the day either on or off the bike. Session plans will be forwarded to those individuals nearer the time.

Please note that this day is not about selection for the talent team in any way - it is purely about a lesson in racing.