Published: 05 February 2013

Article by Janette Hazlette, National Events Officer

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Carlos Riise once takes top spot in the 2012 BAR competition!

You might be saying what is the Best All Rounder (BAR)? This competition records Time Trial rider’s fastest times over 50, 100 miles and distance over 12 hours, then the rider with the fastest miles per hour (mph) is declared the winner. 

In 2012 Carlos recorded 24.215 mph with times of 1:52:53  for his fastest 50, 4:11:56  for his fastest 100 and a total of 267.05  miles covered in a 12 hour time trial.  However competition for the runners up positions was tight! Ian Wilson of Deeside Thistle CC took 2nd spot and 3rd place went to rider Graham Jones, Edinburgh Road Club.

Christine McLean, Shetland Wheelers was the only woman in Scotland to complete the 12 hour discipline with a distance of 240.26 added to times of 2:03:58 for the 50 TT and 4:20:41 for the 100TT secured her 4th place and Mark Tandy was the only other time triallist in Scotland to compete in a 12 hour TT.   

Congratulations to all our Senior BAR competitors!  It’s a hard task to take on the training required to take part in a 12 hour time trial!

Christine’s 100 TT time also broke the longstanding record for this distance; the previous record was held by Andrea Pogson, Midlothian RT with a time of 4:21:13 which Christine improved on with a time superb time of 4:20:41.  This also secured Christine the Women’s 100m Championship title for 2012.  Congratulations Christine from everybody at Scottish Cycling!

The Middle distance BAR requires riders to post their fastest times for a 25 mile time trial as well as the 50 mile and 100 mile Time Trials.   

Philip Kelman of Deeside thistle CC was the fastest man in 2012, improving on his 6th place in 2011, with a miles per hour figure of 26.893 and times of 53:32 for his 25, 1:52:16 for his 50 and 3:51:19 for his 100.  Eddie Addis, Equip Velo Ecosse took the 2nd spot with James Cusick close behind with miles per hour speeds of 26.727 and 26.548 respectively.  Deeside Thistle Cycling Club also improved on their 2nd place in the 2011 team competition and took top honours in 2012 with Ian Wilson and Mark Tandy joining Philip to post combined miles per hour time of 24.955 over the three distances. Well done to you all!

As well as finishing a very credible 15th spot in the Senior Middle Distance BAR Christine McLean proved that once again she is the top Woman triallist in Scotland beating off stiff competition from Sian Tovey, Dooleys-Cycles. 

The Womens Best All Rounder competition requires  the riders to post times for 10 mile, 50 mile and 100 mile time trials and Christine posted a miles per hour of 25.017 just beating Sians figure of 24.901.  Shelley Farrar of Deeside Thistle took the 3rd spot with 24.901 mph.   All three women have made the Scottish Cycling Time Trial Championship an exciting competition this year!  Sian took gold with the 10 and 50 then Christine took the Silver in these distances but taking the Gold in the 25 with Sian taking the Silver.  Shelley took the bronze medal in all three distances for the Championships.   Shelley was able to eventually secure a gold medal in 2012 as she and Patricia Baird won the Women’s Team prize for the BAR competition with a combined time of 23.768 mph over three distances required.

Ben Miller, Nevis cycles RT moved up to the Junior category in 2012 and secured top spot in the Junior Best All Rounder competition which requires them to post their two fastest times over 10 and 25 miles.  Bens miles per hour for 2012 was a miles per hour of 25.684 which is very impressive indeed. 

And it was riders from Aberdeen and District who took top honours with the Youth Best All Rounder competition with Craig Ward, Ythan CC taking the first place posting times of 23:56 for a 10 mile Time Trial and 1:03:01 for a 23 which gave him a miles per hour figure of 24.437 (on restricted gears too !) Craig was joined by his team mate Zak Loney who took 2nd and together they won the top team award with a combined mph of 24.419 mph !!  Stephen Brown of Granite City RT took 3rd place.

Scottish Cycling would like to thank John Macmillan for preparing the BAR results. Dig in for 2013 and we look forward to seeing some new names on the tables at the end of the year!

Click here to download the full BAR results

*REMINDER TO ALL TIME TRAIL ORGANISERS: Please submit your results as soon after the event as possible, on the spread sheet supplied, so that the BAR results can be complied.