Regional Road Shows

Regional Road Shows


Published: 08 October 2012

Strategic Business and Governance Review Online Questionnaire

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Published: 21th September 2012

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Scottish Cycling is hosting a series of Regional Road Shows throughout Scotland, we would like as many cyclists and members as possible to join us and HAVE YOUR SAY.


The Regional Road Shows will be being held on the following dates: 

One of the main focuses of the Regional Road Shows will be Scottish Cycling's Strategic Business and Governance Review.

Why is Scottish Cycling conducting a Strategic Business and Governance Review?

In recent years Cycling in the UK has enjoyed considerable international success, especially on road and track, which has helped to attract significant investment into the sport from SkyTV, other commercial partners and public funding through UK Sport and home country sports councils. Cycling in Scotland has grown and Scottish athletes have enjoyed notable success, especially when representing GB at Olympic Games. However growth rates lag behind those in England. The sport in Scotland does not currently have the resources to exploit the opportunity afforded by the popularity of the sport.

Scottish Cycling, supported by sportscotland, is to undertake a business and governance review of the sport in Scotland and especially the roles played by the various bodies with an interest in the sport. The landscape of organisations involved in cycling in Scotland is very complex for a sport of its size. The review seeks to establish the best way in which the sport can be led and governed to fully exploit the potential for the sport and its participants.

We have appointed Renaissance & Company to support the review process over the next 6 months. Their Managing Director – Alistair Gray – brings a wealth of experience to the project both as a consultant and a voluntary leader in sport. He is the current Chair of British Swimming, widely recognised as one of the best governed sport in the UK and has been a voluntary leader in Hockey for over 30 years nationally and internationally. As a consultant he has carried out major business and governance reviews with a number of sports including The Football Association, Scottish Football Association, Scottish Swimming, The Lawn Tennis Association, Rugby Football League, Football Association of Ireland and England Netball.

Scope of the Project

The project will have the following scope:

  • Review the effectiveness, roles and structures of the various bodies impacting on cycling and the sport of cycling in Scotland
  • Review the current relationship between Scottish Cycling and British Cycling and establish its effectiveness and efficiency
  • Working with the sport and key stakeholders to establish a vision of success for the sport beyond 2020, and the key strategies that will enable that vision to be achieved
  • Review the leadership and governance of a number of comparable sports and other not-for-profit organisations to establish good practice
  • Review the leadership and governance of Scottish Cycling and its performance and effectiveness in recent years
  • Present an interim report to key stakeholders with findings and recommendations for change within a strategic plan to transform the athletic and business performance of the sport
  • Work with the sport to develop a transition plan to secure the agreed changes to the leadership and governance of the sport in Scotland.

Opportunity to Contribute

There will be opportunities for key stakeholders and members of the sport to contribute now and throughout the process on their views on how the sport is governed. Scottish Cycling will be staging a number of focus groups and roadshows in September/October 2012. A survey will be distributed shortly throughout the sport canvassing the views of our Centres, individual members and affiliated Clubs, Groups and Associations to ensure as many people as possible have the opportunity to input their views.

The project will be led by a Working Group made up of the CEO, Board members, representatives from key areas in the sport and other stakeholders. In addition a number of independent members with special expertise will join the Group. The Group will report to the board of Scottish Cycling.

A fundamental review of this type is not carried out frequently, and we encourage all those involved in the sport to grasp this opportunity and contribute their views. The Scottish Cycling website will also enable views to be communicated to the Working Group.

So why not come along to any of the Regional Road Shows and help shape the future of Scottish Cycling! Make sure you register and have your say!