Posted on: 22nd March 2012

SXC (Scottish Cross Country Mountain Bike Association) run the National Mountain Bike Series and Championships which take place from April to September in locations throughout Scotland. 

FULL RESULTS FROM SXC ROUND 3 (which incorporated the SC National XC MTB Championship) SXC_3_-_Aberfoyle_Results.pdf

Medal winners from Scottish XC Mountain Bike Championships

Firstly Scottish Cycling would like to thank both SXC and Squadra Porcini who have again delivered a fantastic championship event.   Great day out for everybody - lots of exciting racing - and midges !!

Seniors Men

  1. 1.   Grant Ferguson, Boardman Bikes
  2. 2.   Dave Henderson, GT Racing
  3. 3.   Rab Wardell, Alpine Bikes Racing Team

Junior Men

  1. 1.   Tom Evans, Ben Wyvis Bike Club
  2. 2.    Iain Paton, CNP Orbea
  3. 3.    Finn Munro-Gear, Ben Wyvis Bike Club

Masters Men

  1. 1.   Johnathan Buckley, Squarda Procini
  2. 2.   Martin Graham, Ronde/Scott UK
  3. 3.   Paul Carmichael, Squadra Porcini

Veteran Men

  1. 1.   Iain Nimmo, Squadra Porcini
  2. 2.   Gary McCrae, Leslie Bike Shop, Right Moves Windows
  3. 3.   John McCaffrey, Leslie Bike Shop, Right Moves Windows

Youth Boys

  1. 1,   Calum Macgowan, Peebles Cycling Club
  2. 2,   Mark McGuire, Perth United
  3. 3,   Liam McLaughlin, Ben Wyvis Cycling Club/Dryburgh Cycles

Juvenile Boys

  1. 1.  Calum Grant, Peebles Cycling Club
  2. 2.  Stephen Dent, Nevis Cycles Racing Tem
  3. 3.  Finn Crocket, Ben Wyvis Bike Club

Senior Women

  1. 1.  Lee Craigie, Lapierre, UK
  2. 2.  Elke Prasad, Squadra Procini
  3. 3.  Katy Winton, The Kinesis Morvelo Project

Junior Women

  1. 1.  Yuke Gallagher
  2. 2.  Hannah Ferguson

Masters Women

  1. 1.  Gillian Pratt, Leslie Bike Shop, Right Moves Windows
  2. 2.  Kate Carmichael, Hervelo Cycling

Veteran Women

  1. 1.  Anne Murray, Moray Firth Cycling Club
  2. 2.  Brenda Callander, Stirling Bike Club
  3. 3.  Miranda Balfour, Peebles Cycling Club

Youth Girls

1.         Lucy Grant

2.         Isla Short, Innerleithen MTB/i.cycles

3.         Elena Melton

         Juvenile Girls

1.        Rhona Callander, Stirling Bike Club

2.        Emma Borthwick, Edinburgh Road Club

3.        Katie Allen, Stirling Bike Club

Results from the Schools races, Open, Sport, Grand Vets and Super Vets to follow.


You may think this is only for the advanced riders only but there are categories available to suit all riders from children to elite and beginner to expert.

On Sunday 03rd June, the SXC Scottish Championships will be taking place in Aberfoyle. This year looks at being another challenging course with lots of up's and down's and that fantastic singletrack we all look forward to riding.  

The event will again be at Doonans where there is ample opportunity for parking and overnight camping where the usual charges will apply.

Scottish Cycling would like to thank the SXC committee for incorporating our National Championship into their event.  There will be a total of 36 Scottish Cycling National Championship medals up for grabs to members who are eligible to qualify for a Scottish title.  The breakdown and criteria for qualification for a medal is listed below.   


Medals will be awarded to:

Youth B – 1st, 2nd and 3rd Boys

Youth B – 1st , 2nd and 3rd Girls

Youth A – 1st, 2nd and 3rd Boys

Youth A - 1st , 2nd and 3rd Girls


Junior – 1st, 2nd and 3rd male

Junior – 1st, 2nd and 3rd female


Senior – 1st, 2nd and 3rd male

Senior – 1st, 2nd and 3rd female


Master – 1st, 2nd and 3rd male

Master – 1st, 2nd and 3rd female


Veteran – 1st, 2nd and 3rd male

Vetaran – 1st, 2nd and 3rd female


The criteria is:


18.1.2   All SCU Championships shall be open to: -

(a) SCU/BCF members (members of clubs affiliated to the SCU)


(b) Scottish Nationals (persons born in Scotland)


(c) Scottish Residents (persons who have lived in Scotland for three of the last five years)


(d) Persons who have at least one parent who was born in Scotland.


Persons in sections (b), (c) and (d) must be members of the UCI recognised Cycling

Federation of their country of residence.


Remember to bring your licenses along with you on the day.   Best of luck to everybody who is riding!!

Online entry is now closed however please note entries are available on the day.

Timings on the day:

Registration from 9am
Practice 9am - 10.30am
Race 1 - 11am - Juvenile, Youth, Grand Vet, Super Vet, All Women, Beginner & Open
Race 2 - 1pm - Primary Schools
Practice 1pm - 1.30pm
Race 3 - 2pm - Elite/Expert, Veteran, Master, Sport, Junior

Schedule SXC 2012

All events can be entered simply by using the BC online event entry system - use the ENTER NOW button on the race details of the attached links – it’s very easy !

Round 1 – Kirroughtree Forest 1st April 2012

Round 2 – Glenniffer Braes Country Park, Renfrewshire 29th April 2012

Round 3 – Aberfoyle – incorporating Scottish National MTB Championships 3rd June 2012

Round 4 – Glamis, Forfar – TBC 1st July 2012

Round 5 – Perth  5th August 2012

Round 6 – Dumlanrig Castle, Dumfriesshire  16th September 2012

British Cycling – National Cross Country MTB Series 16th and 17th June 2012

More info on the British National Series -